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Recipe Video Script

Welcome to In this video we are going to review the features on the recipe page.

I am already logged in and have found a recipe.

Just below the main photo I can share this recipe with Facebook, Twitter Google Plus or I can pin it on Pinterest.

The box just under this provides information about the author and the recipe.

You can contact the recipe author, report the recipe if there is a problem, Like the recipe, see what categories the recipe is in and view the member’s recipebooks or see other recipes by this member.

You can even get more ideas of different recipes that are related to this one.

Here are some things that you can do with this recipe.

  • You can add it to your recipebook
  • Add your photos of this recipe that you have taken
  • Add to a menu
  • Add to your shopping list
  • You can add a private note that only you will see. And once you do that, your private note will appear both on the recipe and in your profile under: My Private Notes
  • You can also print the recipe

Next to the prep and cook times you will find the amount of servings this recipe will make. You can update the serving and this will automatically update the ingredients. 

Have you tried this recipe? Love it? Hate it? Well, you can rate or review the recipe simply by clicking here.

Select how many stars you would rate this recipe and or add a comment. You can choose to add both stars and comments or either one. You do not have to do both!

You will be able to see the review but it will not appear publically before it has been approved by our moderation staff.

Want to save the recipe to your favorites? Click here!

To send the recipe by email to a friend click Send To Email link.

To view the wonderful recipe photos, simply click on a photo. 

In the Ingredients section, you can switch from US to Metric and RecipeZazz will update the ingredients for you.

The rest of the recipe page shows the How To Make instructions for the recipe Nutritional Facts and Reviews other members have made.

Now that you have watched this Recipe Page overview, we hope you enjoy making many recipes and look forward to seeing your own recipes published on!

PLEASE NOTE: We will be adding screen shots to this page in the near future for the text version of the Recipe Video script.