Weekly Menu August 2012

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Weekly Menu August 2012

Post by HeatherFeather » Wed Aug 22, 2012 9:37 am

I never got around to posting a menu here this week, so even though it is Wednesday, I thought I would still share it. For some reason, whenever I post my menu publicly, I tend to stick to it better.

Anyway, here is my plan this week:

Meal #1 - pizza (we had this last night)
Meal #2 - (from my FREEZER)Fish Sticks w/peas for dd & myself, Ramen for my bf
Meal #3 - Granny Smith's Pork w/rice (old recipe I am testing out)
Meal #4 - Chicken Breasts Diane w/egg noodles & broccoli (vintage recipe)
Meal #5 - (from my FREEZER) Buffalo Steak Bites w/celery & blue cheese dip for dd & myself, Ritz Chicken Strips for my bf, with sliced cucumbers & ranch
Meal #6 - Hillshire Farms Grill (a sausage & veg thing, another vintage recipe), possibly with some corn on the cob
Meal #7 - leftovers or soup + sandwich

Bread: Honey Wheat Pan Rolls(from Taste of Home)+ Zucchini Bread (either mom's recipe or one of my old faves, not sure which)+ Banana Bread (from an old favorite recipe)
Salad: Curried Tuna Salad (from a blog) and Chickpea Salad and Israeli Salad (already made, waiting on verdict from dd)
Desserts: those Orange Cookies that I keep promising them, plus and M&Ms Cookie Pie (from a blog)

If the vintage recipes turn out for me, then I will share them. I am going through my old community cookbooks etc and trying out some recipes I had marked to try. The Buffalo Steak bites are premarinated from Omaha Steaks. I got them on special a while ago at dd's request. Ritz Chicken strips are an old favorite nugget recipe I used to make a lot, going to rework it for chicken tenders and then probably share it.

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Re: Weekly Menu August 2012

Post by invictus » Wed Aug 22, 2012 12:46 pm

I've been MIA but I will post as well.

Saturday: unexpected taco bar at a friends house
Sunday: ground beef chili and hommade rolls
Monday: my birthday we went out for a change!
Tuesday: stir fry with leftover pork
Wednesday: orange fish, nutty basmati rice, and green beans
Thursday: I can't remember off the top of my head.
Friday: BBQ chicken pizza with homemade dough

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