Menu Planning using FlashFood app or CSA Boxes

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Menu Planning using FlashFood app or CSA Boxes

Post by Sue » Sat Feb 11, 2023 2:44 pm

Getting boxes of food or produce and not knowing beforehand what you might get can make menu planning seem daunting.

It already takes time to find recipes and then if you need to shop for additional items on top of that it can limit your zone of opportunity with perishable foods.

For example, if I use flashfood and purchase meat or produce it might already be closing in on the end of the shelf life so I have to hurry.

I find it helps to plan and keep bookmarks for ideas to prepare food. If I suddenly buy something like veal chops at short notice, I can go to bookmarks, see what ideas I have for that, and then pick up anything else I need for that recipe when I pick up the chops.
I keep the bookmarks sorted according to food type.

Of course, there may always be something unusual that pops up. But for the most part you can have an idea or two ready for the most commonly offered items.

Otherwise you might find yourself with a fridge full of unrelated items that do not easily work together.

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