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Looking for cake recipe from this photo

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I have this recipe saved in my recipebook: and the photo makes me so hungry

I have been searching and searching and can't figure out which cake recipe this was that is under the sauce. I was trying to search through the recipe poster's (Derf) recipes, but can't figure out if this was one of her posted recipes or something she perhaps reviewed.

I looks like a lemon, yellow or white cake with either a cool whip or whipped creaming topping - or maybe that is icing? Perhaps topped with vanilla ice cream?

Does anyone recognize this one as something from Zazz?

I might have found it, but I am not entirely sure. never fails - I search and search, post a request, suddenly find something that could be it shortly after.

Here is what I found: ... cream-2774

I'll still not entirely sure that is the right one, but I haven't found anything else yet.

Re: Looking for cake recipe from this photo

Post by MsPia » Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:29 pm

That is a great picture. It looks more like angel cake other than a short cake.
You are talking about the main picture, right?

Re: Looking for cake recipe from this photo

Post by Puggs » Thu Mar 16, 2017 11:38 pm

That looks like angel food cake :?

I agree that looks like angel food cake or it could be a sponge cake but I think it's angel food.

Heather to me I think that looks like angel food cake :)
If you can eat, you can make it!

Hmm you all may be right about it being angel food cake. She does mention the sauce goes well over angel food cake. The shouldn't be too hard to duplicate after all then. I think that main picture looks so delicious with the sauce dripping down over the cake. I love the idea of making a fresh sauce like that rather than frosting.

Re: Looking for cake recipe from this photo

Post by Bergy » Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:06 pm

I'm on th side of angels too! Have fun duplicating it.

Well, I checked over on the other food site Derf used to post at and found two angel food cakes she reviewed. One of them had a picture of the blueberry version of the sauce in the corner, and she also mentioned making it again with strawberries in her reivew, so I think it was very likely indeed angel food cake. She obvioulsy loved that sauce - she had so many photos of it used in different ways. The blueberry version on top of cheesecake looks great as well.

I'll try it this week if I get the chance.

Oooooo, looking forward to hearing all about it!! Do share the results with us :P


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