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What WAS on Your Plate & WHAT'S for Dinner 3/17/17-3/18/17

Not sure what to make for dinner? Find out what member's have on their menu for tonight, it's a great way to pick up meal ideas
So, What's On Your Menu Tonight ...

Today's Cooking ...
Cooking for all 3 ladies today that have guests; but, theirs and my dinner are all the same. CBC of course.

I have 4 crocks going ... it definitely smells like cabbage in my house, lol. (I had to borrow a couple of crocks) ... bbage-4916 ... nness-cake I serve mine as mini bundt cakes

All 3 ladies get the same pot; and me. But, no dessert for me; and, just a small soda bread.
The ladies also love fresh tomato slices with theirs.
I also thicken the sauce lightly that everything cooked in; almost like an au jus; then, a horseradish mustard sour cream sauce for dipping.
Bread is done, cake is out of the oven. Just add the veggies later to the crock; then pack up and deliver.
My 2 or 3 friends will be over later tonight.
Oh, good Irish beer and baileys in the coffee a must!

Now, the next 2 days will be leftovers for me; but, I may do some extra cooking as well!

I really need to try your version next time I can get my hands on real plain old corned beef brisket. We don't usually have any brandy on hand - is there a particular brand you prefer?

I don't keep brandy on hand, but, you can pick up any of the tiny airplane bottle at any liquor store. I also have 2 or 3 or hand. That is what I use. It really cooks out. Just left with a little flavor is all.
And, if you don't like guinness ... you can use any good dark beer; but, I prefer guinness if possible.

Those little bottles are great to keep on hand for speciality liquors you don't use often. Schnapps, yegermeister, scotch, etc ... I few things I don't often drink at home.

MY HOUSE smells so much like corned beef ... I had to open the doors.
The cabbage is about ready to go in the 3 pots I am taking to my ladies ... I may pass out from cabbage odor, lol.

No corned beef for us, but we did have burgers on the grill :D

Nothing better than a good grilled burger.

It's Finally The Weekend!!!
I Hope Anyone Who Celebrated St Paddy's Day Had a Good Time!

Today's Cooking ...
Sorry, nothing - unless you consider turning the microwave on!
Day 2 of CBC and soda bread. I love my CBC.

So, what's everyone else cooking these days?

We ended up having leftovers last night from our St Patrick;s Day meal and postponed burgers & waffle fries for tonight. Probably with more salad - my salad greens are still looking nice and fresh and crisp.

We are having fish sandwiches and coleslaw tonight with ice cream for dessert.

HF, my fave is leftover or day 2 St paddy's day.
Ellie, fish sammies sound good ...


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