How to Make Homemade Soup

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Nothing can beat the taste of soup in any season. When hungry, soup is one of the most satisfying, warming, and soul foods. Making soup is fast and easy. Even with a little practice, you can make soup quickly and without any hassle. You need to follow a few steps precisely, and your delicious soup is ready. So, now the question is how to make a soup? So, let’s understand the process in detail.


To make a soup, you need some basic ingredients like fat (oil), base, meat/veggies, and spices. All these ingredients play a vital role in making a soup satisfying and delicious.

Choosing a Fat

To prepare soup, you need to choose a fat. For that, you can pick a fat such as olive oil or butter to make your soul even more filled!  


Another requirement is the base. Whether you are making, fish, beef, or chicken stock or tomato puree, you can choose anyone or two to make a base. Stocked blended with tomato puree is amazing and mouth-watering. You can even have it with milk as well. 

Choosing your meat

If you are preparing chicken soup, fish, beef soup or steak, you need to choose meat that matches your base. 

Choosing veggies

Whether you are making vegetable soup like lentil soup, tortilla soup, etc. or want to add veggies in your chicken soup, choosing the right vegetables is important. The most common vegetable is onion, as it enhances the flavor. Whereas, corn, carrots, garlic, etc. are not used often. You can use any vegetables you want to add to your soup. 

Choose your Spices

Spices are an important addition to enhance the overall taste of your soup. The most common spices are black pepper and sea salt. But there are also some combinations that you can use in soups, and these are:      

  • Thyme, Celery seed, and sage go well with chicken
  • With beef, rosemary, thyme, and Marjoram go well.
  • In tomato-based soups, oregano, basil or fennel can be a great addition.
  • In cream soups, dash, thyme, or parsley can be good to go.

You can use any spice you like.

Process of Making a Soup

After you decided the ingredients you want to make a soup, it’s time to take action. The following are the step-by-step guide to make soup of your choice.  

Step 1: Wash and chop all the vegetables precisely.

Step 2: Now heat a pan and add some olive oil or butter into it.

Step 3: Saute all the vegetables into it and stir it for a while. If you are making chicken broth soup, make sure to cook it properly.

Step 4: Now add a base like spices, meat or veggies (Avoid milk or related products)

Step 5: Taste if the spices are properly added. 

Step 6: Now cook it on medium-high heat for at least 30 minutes to an hour, if required.

Step 7: Taste and adjust it.Step 8: Before serving, add some milk or cream as per your taste.