St Patricks Day Contest - Review Irish Recipes

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St. Patrick's day is soon upon us.  The great, green St Patty's Day contest starts today!  It's easy and fun!  You review and post photos of Irish recipes you cook to earn points.  The cook with the most points wins!!

Quick Summary:

When?  The contest runs March 1st through March 19th. 

Where?  Right here on RecipeZazz.

How?  Post reviews and photos of Irish recipes on RecipeZazz.

Why?  Fun!  Make friends while you celebrate St Paty's Day while cooking to your heart's content.  And there's a prize. ;)

Who?  Every Zazz member can participate.  It's easy & free to become a member.  Everyone is welcome.

Complete Details:

Here are some recipe ideas for you to consider; Irish corned beef and cabbage, colcannon, soda bread, Irish cream, potato soup, Reuben sandwich or Irish stew…. 

Anything you would serve or enjoy at your home party or local Irish pub!

Find a lot of these listed at the St Patrick's Day Contest Thread on the Forum.

Does it have Guinness beer in it ?!? Is it green?!? Can a leprechaun make it?!? Then go ahead and review it and why not add a photo while you are at it…

All you need to do is review any St. Patrick's themed recipe here at recipezazz and report your completion HERE (on the forum) to let us know you have done so.

Points & Winning:

7 points will be awarded to the member who posts the first review on an unreviewed recipe and 7 points to the member who posts the first photo to an unphotographed recipe. This applies to 'FEATURED' and 'NON-FEATURED' recipes.

You will receive 5 points for every 'FEATURED' recipe reviewed and an extra 3 points if you add a photo to it. 

You will receive 2 points for every 'non-featured' recipe reviewed and 1 extra point if you add a photo to it.

The member with the most points at the end of the event wins the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!! (The pot of gold in this case is a $100 Gift Card.)

Contest Starts March 1st and runs through to Sunday March 19th.
(We wanted to include the weekend following St Patrick's Day to allow time to post all the recipes reviewed and photographed on the big day.)

Wishing you all The Luck of the Irish.


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