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Great Northern Bean, Ham & Vegetable Chowder 13, Native American
389 calories
Great Northern Bean, Ham & Vegetable Chowder 13, Native... Submitted by: ImPat

This made for a great lunch with toasted bread which I thoroughly enjoyed. When making my smoked ham hock weighed just under 1.5K and took 3 hours of simmering to get to the point the meat was... View More

Southern Green Beans
63 calories
Southern Green Beans Submitted by: acerast

Had the kids over for our son's birthday dinner; these beans received all fourteen thumbs up! May omit the butter next time and proceed by crisping raw bacon, sautéing the onions, adding the... View More

Sarasota's Easy Re-Fried Black & Pinto Beans
530 calories
Sarasota's Easy Re-Fried Black & Pinto Beans Submitted by: Bergy

Great recipe -It sure sparks up tacos. I cut the recipe back to make 5 tacos. I will be making this recipe again and again. I like to leave some texture with the beans so I only half mash them.

Easy Red Beans & Rice
1029 calories
Easy Red Beans & Rice Submitted by: starrynews

Yum! No surprise, this is another winner from Kim! Flavorful, with a kick, and so easy. This is a definite keeper, and I will think of Kim when I make it again!

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Hearty Tortellini & Vegetable Soup
394 calories
Hearty Tortellini & Vegetable Soup Submitted by: ellie

Very good -- we used a different type of pasta but otherwise made as directed. Thanks for sharing!

Curried Vegetable Patties
339 calories
Curried Vegetable Patties Submitted by: MsPia

Really good patties. I added some salt to the mix. They are not easy to handle. I would recommend chopping the spinach very fine to make it easier. Lots of flavor. I loved them.

Roasted Green Beans With Mushrooms, Balsamic & Parmesan
66 calories
Roasted Green Beans With Mushrooms, Balsamic & Parmesan Submitted by: Bergy

I cut the recipe back to two sevings and was a bit short on mushrooms. We loved the flavour from the balsamic. The photo does not do the recipe justice but it will be made again with petter photos. View More

Quinoa with Tomatoes and Chickpeas
391 calories
Quinoa with Tomatoes and Chickpeas Submitted by: ellie

Good and easy and I had everything on hand to make this recipe! Thanks for sharing!

Tangy Tomato-Glazed Green Beans
258 calories
Tangy Tomato-Glazed Green Beans Submitted by: Daily Inspiration

What a delicious way to make green beans. DH and I thoroughly enjoyed the tartness of the balsamic with a touch of sweetness from the brown sugar. Of course, the rehydrated sundried tomatoes and bacon... View More

Gingered Green Beans
48 calories
Gingered Green Beans Submitted by: Susie D

This is a lovely side dish. They have a nice flavor and the ginger does grab one's attention. I also like the use of chicken broth rather than water. For the preference of my diners I cooked the... View More

Hummus With A Twissis Tomato Twist
43 calories
Hummus With A Twissis Tomato Twist Submitted by: artandkitchen

What for a great dip/spread, thanks a lot! I added some water for make it smoother and I loved the red pesto (pesto with tomatoes paste) for the taste. I used real tahini as I love the sesame taste... View More

Favourite Spicy Chili
469 calories
Favourite Spicy Chili Submitted by: TeresaS

Wowzers!! is this good...the hubby told me it's replacing our old favorite...can't say I blame him...we didn't find it to hot for our liking...this is a keeper and going in my best of... View More

White Bean & Ham Stew
504 calories
White Bean & Ham Stew Submitted by: ImPat

I used 2 ham hocks with each weighing just over a kilogram each and soaked my beans overnight and when the 2 hours was up it did not need another 45 minutes as the vegetables were very tender so I... View More

Mexican Chicken Soup Made In Slow Cooker
254 calories
Mexican Chicken Soup Made In Slow Cooker Submitted by: ellie

Very good soup! I made a few changes based on what I had on hand by using two cans (4 cups) chicken broth and skipping the Rotel and chipotle pepper but adding a can of green chiles (4 oz). Served... View More

Pasta E Fagioli (Soup Or Is It Stew?)
478 calories
Pasta E Fagioli (Soup Or Is It Stew?) Submitted by: KATO BABY

I made this lovely soup for my husband for his lunches. He is in flavor heaven, loves spice and beans, this is perfect for him. I did take the liberty of not pureeing the soup/stew as he prefers it... View More

Balsamic & Garlic Beans
62 calories
Balsamic & Garlic Beans Submitted by: LifeIsGood

Yummy green beans! The dressing was easy to put together and very tasty. I love the almonds, too. Thank you!

Hot & Smoky Baked Beans
213 calories
Hot & Smoky Baked Beans Submitted by: ForeverMama

These baked beans were well enjoyed by my family. The DH had 2 helpings! I cut the recipe in half and followed the recipe exactly as written and it was easy peasy. It pared really well with our... View More

Healthy Beef-&-Bean Tacos
365 calories
Healthy Beef-&-Bean Tacos Submitted by: Wayne Peters

This taco recipe was REALLY fantastic! I thought it was going to be like any other taco recipe, but really, it was way better :) I love the beans added. And we used soft tacos so putting them in oven... View More

Cretan Green Beans
142 calories
Cretan Green Beans Submitted by: breezermom

The flavors here are great! I didn't want my end result to turn out to watery, so I probably didn't add enough water. My beans were not done or even crisp tender after 30 minutes. So I... View More

Boeuf Bourguignon
1050 calories
Boeuf Bourguignon Submitted by: Gerry

Delicious!! Love this method when making stews,soups and casseroles, your instructions are excellent. I was a little short on the stewing beef so added extra mushrooms, the end result wonderfully... View More

Basic Hummus
287 calories
Basic Hummus Submitted by: QueenBea

This is a great tasting hummus recipe and very easy to put together.