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Mocha Eggnog
1188 calories
Mocha Eggnog Submitted by: Maito

This was a good coffee drink with a subtle eggnog flavor. I poured a bit more eggnog in each of our cups to bring out that flavor. I am guessing the serving size somehow got off here - I made an 1/8th... View More

Papa Doble Cocktail
87 calories
Papa Doble Cocktail Submitted by: Northwestgal

This is such a great cocktail! I had only ruby red grapefruit juice left from Thanksgiving, so I decided to use it to make this cocktail. I think it added a touch of sweetness to the drink, because... View More

Old Timey New England Mulled Cider
119 calories
Old Timey New England Mulled Cider Submitted by: Mikekey

This is really warming on a dreary day and makes the house smell great. I skipped the rum and also cut recipe in half. Love the orange in this.

Mocha Mint Coffee
81 calories
Mocha Mint Coffee Submitted by: Northwestgal

This was really good. I used only about half the creme de menthe as specified in the recipe. That's no fault of the recipe, just preference (it's a pretty strong product, and I usually... View More

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Strawberry Squash
219 calories
Strawberry Squash Submitted by: KATO BABY

5 stars all the way for this lovely adult version of strawberry milk. It is light, refreshing and subtely flavored. We both enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing Twisted. Made for Think Pink... View More

Raspberry Crush
69 calories
Raspberry Crush Submitted by: KATO BABY

This was a lovely tart drink Linky. I enjoyed this tasty treat. Thanks for sharing girl. Made for Think Pink - 2017

Brownie Cognac
Brownie Cognac Submitted by: Mia in Germany

OMG this is awesome! I rarely dring sweet alcoholic beverages, but I had to try this one, and it was so yummy and comforting. Since I never have chocolate syrup in my pantry, I did what I always do, I... View More

Blueberry Eggnog
228 calories
Blueberry Eggnog Submitted by: twissis

Made as written for your Wk 3 Football Pool win - Siggi's family loves all things blueberry, but sadly have no clue what eggnog is. So my plan was to chg that -- Starting w/my Siggi. That plan... View More

Chocolate Soda Or Float (Fountain Style & Lightened)
241 calories
Chocolate Soda Or Float (Fountain Style & Lightened) Submitted by: Maito

Have not had one of these before. It was fun to make, as well as tasty to eat. It doesn't taste like it is lightened at all. I bet it would be great with all kinds of flavors of low fat ice cream... View More

Rum & Guava Cooler
133 calories
Rum & Guava Cooler Submitted by: Northwestgal

This is a very refreshing drink. It's neither sweet nor tart, just a cool cocktail with lots of guava flavor with a hint of lime that adds a nice citrus boost. I really enjoyed this drink. ... View More

Agua de Sapo (Toad Water)
243 calories
Agua de Sapo (Toad Water) Submitted by: KATO BABY

Wow, I love Toad Water. It has such a nice mouth feel, and it tastes amazing. Love the fresh lime juice and cinnamon in this, it adds a little something to the Agua without masking the ginger... the... View More

Pineapple, Lime & Coconut Spritzer (CQ4 - Central America)
27 calories
Pineapple, Lime & Coconut Spritzer (CQ4 - Central America) Submitted by: Linky

This was so refreshing on a hot day! I used diet ginger ale as my soda and added a shot of Malibu! yum Made for CQ4

Belize Breeze
59 calories
Belize Breeze Submitted by: momaphet

Classic cocktail with pineapple and coconut rum, I did find it just a little too sweet, but still thoroughly enjoyed it! Made for Culinary Quest 4 by one of the Spice Girls

Agua de Sapo (Toad Water)
243 calories
Agua de Sapo (Toad Water) Submitted by: Smells Like Salad

I love agua de sapo and had completely forgotten about it! I used piloncillo (unrefined cane sugar) which is inexpensive and is available in the Latino markets sold either oscuro or blanco ("pilons"... View More

Strawberry, Coconut & Banana Smoothy
305 calories
Strawberry, Coconut & Banana Smoothy Submitted by: twissis

Made as written for the Central American region of CQ4 & the Happy Campers team. I scaled this down to a single serving & combined it w/a Scandinavian recipe for a mid-morning fusion-style breakfast.... View More

Belize Breeze
59 calories
Belize Breeze Submitted by: Northwestgal

You had me at the classic combination of coconut rum and pineapple juice .. lol. But the touch of grenadine gave it a nice splash of color, sort of a deep coral shade, and it was ever so delicious... View More

Adult Banana Smoothie
260 calories
Adult Banana Smoothie Submitted by: QueenBea

Oh my, this is sinfully delicious!!! I used 5% cream instead of buttermilk and it was just perfect. This will see to many repeats ;)

Easy Mango Smoothie (CQ #4 - India)
383 calories
Easy Mango Smoothie (CQ #4 - India) Submitted by: momaphet

I made this for my husband who loves mango. He thought it had a nice fresh flavor and liked the tang from the yogurt. I added a splash of orange juice and half and half to help break up the mango.... View More

Hot Buttered Whisky Cocktail
1795 calories
Hot Buttered Whisky Cocktail Submitted by: JostLori

Butter. Yes, butter. Butter is better. For sure. Forever Mama, who needs the cocktail when you have the Whiskey butter? LOL... Can you tell I liked this? That butter is fantastic, and the cocktail is... View More

Masala Chai - Indian Spiced Milk Tea
232 calories
Masala Chai - Indian Spiced Milk Tea Submitted by: KATO BABY

I loved this tea Nat. It was awesome, so much flavor, rich, creamy and delicious. Perfectly spiced. It was quick and easy to make with excellent results. Thanks so much for sharing another winner. ... View More

Dolly's Chai Tea
50 calories
Dolly's Chai Tea Submitted by: KATO BABY

Thank you for sharing this lovely recipe Lori. It was awesome. I love cardamom and it is wonderful in this recipe. It was quick and easy to make and tastes great. I will be enjoying this often.... View More