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Cu's Chili
541 calories
Cu's Chili Submitted by: ellie

Great chili! We only used one can of beans but otherwise followed as written. I topped mine off with sour cream and served with corn muffins for a very good dinner. thanks for sharing!

Pork Chili Bathed In Green
370 calories
Pork Chili Bathed In Green Submitted by: TeresaS

I chopped up all the peppers...and I should have cooked the pork cubes in batches...I didn't so I ended up steaming them instead of browning...we really enjoyed the flavors that were brought out... View More

Quick Green Chicken Chili
348 calories
Quick Green Chicken Chili Submitted by: Daily Inspiration

What a quick and easy chicken and green chili stew. Full of flavor from the cumin -- reminds me of a green chili stew I make with pork. This stew was even easier because I used rotisserie chicken... View More

The Chiliest Chili
1054 calories
The Chiliest Chili Submitted by: QueenBea

I made this using mild salsa and omitted the jalapeno peppers because one person I was serving this too was a wee one so wanted a mild chili. It was deeeeeeelish and the toddler loved it also :)

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Veronica's Chili
592 calories
Veronica's Chili Submitted by: Maito

A great meaty, spicy chili. I also did not add the cornflour, or the sugar, and subbed ground turkey, since that is what we usually eat. Topped it with Greek yogurt and crushed tortilla chips, and... View More

Favourite Spicy Chili
469 calories
Favourite Spicy Chili Submitted by: TeresaS

Wowzers!! is this good...the hubby told me it's replacing our old favorite...can't say I blame him...we didn't find it to hot for our liking...this is a keeper and going in my best of... View More

Linda's Prize Winning Chili
979 calories
Linda's Prize Winning Chili Submitted by: Shadows1

Nice chili, not enough heat for us,we would also adjust the cumin upwards. No beans would be added here either. Overall a good chili but we have had better.

Linda's Prize Winning Chili
979 calories
Linda's Prize Winning Chili Submitted by: justsandy

I am remiss in not reviewing this sooner. I printed out this recipe a couple of months ago and followed to to a "T." Best I've ever made, the crowd loved it, and I've been cooking for going... View More

White Chili
273 calories
White Chili Submitted by: ellie

Very good and a bit different from the usual. I forgot the lime and cilantro but otherwise made as directed. Will be having leftovers for lunch! Thanks for sharing!

Hearty Chili
374 calories
Hearty Chili Submitted by: Mikekey

This was good, but not spicy enough, and a little too thick for us. I wasn't sure what to do with the rest of the seasoning? Didn't realize the seasoning was for a batch, not just for this... View More

Cu's Chili
541 calories
Cu's Chili Submitted by: Gerry

Great Chili, have to love those recipes from back when, this tasted as good as I expected it to be. Into my cookbook along side our family favorite. Looking forward to serving on family weekends.... View More

Beer Brat Crockpot Chili
461 calories
Beer Brat Crockpot Chili Submitted by: Mikekey

Delicious. I made a couple of changes. I used canned kidney beans because we don't care for the beans called "chili beans". (pintos, I think) and I added about 1 cup of beef broth, because we... View More

Veronica's Chili
592 calories
Veronica's Chili Submitted by: maDonna

Wow I think I have enough chili for meals for a few months, this makes a very large amount, we had one meal and I froze the rest, I'm not complaining it's a good thing because if there is... View More

Hominy-Bean Chili (Vegan)
269 calories
Hominy-Bean Chili (Vegan) Submitted by: Daily Inspiration

We enjoyed this vegetarian chili. I don't normally cook with hominy, but it added a very unique taste which you would not get from regular corn. I did have to add some broth to the pot and then... View More

Chilli Mussels With Thai Basil
772 calories
Chilli Mussels With Thai Basil Submitted by: ForeverMama

This mussel recipe did sure catch my eye when I saw it as I love anything that has influences of Thai cuisine. The ingredients blended well but found that the amount of fish sauce made it very salty... View More

Chili Cheese Dogs
451 calories
Chili Cheese Dogs Submitted by: Maito

Simple, but comfort food, hits the spot when you need it.

Chicken Chili (Slow Cooker)
540 calories
Chicken Chili (Slow Cooker) Submitted by: TeresaS

Delicious! I cut the recipe in half and added a few red kidney beans I had in the frig...this has a ton of chicken in it so you get some in ever bite...loved the touch of lime in this...I omitted the... View More

Slow Cooker Chili Dogs
353 calories
Slow Cooker Chili Dogs Submitted by: ForeverMama

This is the perfect dish to make to free up some time so that I could get my Christmas wrapping done. Love slow cooker recipes for that reason and this particular recipe did not disappoint on flavor. ... View More

Extra Hot Texas Chili
294 calories
Extra Hot Texas Chili Submitted by: Shadows1

Now that is real Texas chili!

Bea's 1 Hour Chili
382 calories
Bea's 1 Hour Chili Submitted by: Gerry

Super easy, love when easy tastes this good! Other than using less hot sauce I made as posted using kidney beans (Franks was on the table for those of us who love hot and spicy) It was enjoyed. Have... View More

Thick & Meaty Chili
546 calories
Thick & Meaty Chili Submitted by: Shadows1

Good chili base recipe. Not enough heat for us, we normally use 6-8 Tbls of chili powder when we make chili, great recipe though.