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Cheesy Turkey Enchiladas
711 calories
Cheesy Turkey Enchiladas Submitted by: ellie

Good and easy -- plus fun to eat! My amounts were slightly different than on the recipe. I also used regular bacon instead of candian style bacon. Served with sour cream, more salsa and more cheese... View More

Cotija Corn Puree
279 calories
Cotija Corn Puree Submitted by: Daily Inspiration

Made this corn dish to go with some grilled brats and potato salad. This dish made a nice accompaniment to our meal. I used 1/2 onion and I added some sautéed poblano pepper to spice up the corn a... View More

BLT Hot Diggity Dog
510 calories
BLT Hot Diggity Dog Submitted by: Bergy

Bea I took a couple of liberties with your recipe. I used a fat Euro Weiner that I cut in half lengthwise and instead of a hotdog bun I used a Brioche bun that I had in the freezer. Also I used a... View More

Tomato & Chicken Rogan Josh Curry (Pressure Cooker)
211 calories
Tomato & Chicken Rogan Josh Curry (Pressure Cooker) Submitted by: Mikekey

This is delicious. Lots of flavor and just the right amount of heat for us. My grocery store no longer has an Indian section, so I had to use Thai red curry paste. Next time I go to my second... View More

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Arctic Char With Mayo & Dill
187 calories
Arctic Char With Mayo & Dill Submitted by: Bergy

Unfortunately I could not find any fresh Arctic char so I subbed fresh wild Snapper. It was delicious. I love using Mayo as a coating for fish as it keeps it so moist. The simple combination of... View More

Baked Chicken With Puttanesca Sauce
178 calories
Baked Chicken With Puttanesca Sauce Submitted by: Daily Inspiration

Such an easy dish to put together and the results are really tasty. Made just as directed except that I did lightly brown the chicken in the skillet prior to placing it in the oven. Served this... View More

Ginger Honey Carrots
81 calories
Ginger Honey Carrots Submitted by: breezermom

I really loved the flavor the honey and ginger gave the carrots. I cut mine into chunks and believe they should have cooked a bit longer. My son loved them....he prefers his carrots raw anyway! ... View More

Lamb With Garlic & Fava Beans
558 calories
Lamb With Garlic & Fava Beans Submitted by: Mia in Germany

A delicious lamb and fava bean recipe! No fuss with fancy ingredients, easy to make and utterly yummy. I didn't have enough sherry so I added a bit red wine, but otherwise followed the recipe to... View More

Roasted Tomatoes & Mushrooms With Herbed Ricotta
412 calories
Roasted Tomatoes & Mushrooms With Herbed Ricotta Submitted by: Gerry

With all my favourite ingredients I knew I was going to love this one, and I did! Made with fresh lush garden tomatoes that have that extra special flavor and snipped fresh dill from my backyard... View More

Herbed Beef Skewers
268 calories
Herbed Beef Skewers Submitted by: Gerry

This is a great marinmade, easy to make with ingredients that come together to make for wonderful tasting kabobs. Next time I will add chunks of onion and green pepper to some of the skewers. Just... View More

Keema Matar (Ground Meat & Peas)
539 calories
Keema Matar (Ground Meat & Peas) Submitted by: ellie

This worked out well for us -- I used 16 oz of peas and the 1 pound of lamb. Good and simple. Next time I may serve this with rice but it is also good by itself. Thanks for sharing!

The Scandinavian Hot Dog
742 calories
The Scandinavian Hot Dog Submitted by: Maito

These were some good dogs! I made the remoulade with all the optional ingredients. The pickles were my favorite part, since they were the most different from usual and I love them.

Carrot Masala
269 calories
Carrot Masala Submitted by: Maito

Made this with my homemade garam masala and no serrano, since my Indian chilli powder is very hot. The spices in this made the dish so delicious - it still was super spicy, but my carrots were also on... View More

Tomato, Basil & Feta Salad
151 calories
Tomato, Basil & Feta Salad Submitted by: ForeverMama

Great Salad!! This is a perfect salad that uses all those fresh summer veggies of tomato, scallions, and cucumbers with fresh basil. The feta and balsamic vinaigrette just dresses it with... View More

Chinese Chicken In Lettuce Cups
237 calories
Chinese Chicken In Lettuce Cups Submitted by: Bergy

I love lettuce wraps and this is a tasty one. I serve it with Thai Chili Sauce (love spice). I cut it back to two servings with no problem. Used minced chicken instead of chopped breast. The... View More

Grilled Beer Burgers
554 calories
Grilled Beer Burgers Submitted by: QueenBea

This easy peasy burger recipe is delicious:D I did add the jalapeno seeds and it was just the right amount of heat for us. I topped these up with jalapeno mozzarella, pickles and sliced onions. A... View More

Grilled Leg Of lamb
747 calories
Grilled Leg Of lamb Submitted by: QueenBea

I cooked this over direct heat for 20 minutes and then had to move it to indirect heat as it was just starting to char. I cooked it for another 25 minutes and it turned out perfectly. A very tasty... View More

British Bangers & Mash
508 calories
British Bangers & Mash Submitted by: Bergy

There are lots of Potatoes & Gravy but that's okay because they will be used in future dinners. I used real Bangers made by local Butcher. A real comfort food recipe. You can't go wrong... View More

Penne & Chicken With Tomato Sauce
487 calories
Penne & Chicken With Tomato Sauce Submitted by: ImPat

I scaled back for 2 serves though only used half the amount of fennel that was recommended for 2 serves as I felt it would overpower the dish if the full amount was used. A really quick dish to put... View More

Diced Potatoes In Soy Sauce
199 calories
Diced Potatoes In Soy Sauce Submitted by: Felix4067

This was almost too easy for how wonderful it tastes! I accidentally tossed the wrong piece of my stick of butter into the pan so I ended up using 4 tablespoons, but it was fine. The only thing it did... View More

Vietnamese-Style Pork Chops
451 calories
Vietnamese-Style Pork Chops Submitted by: Felix4067

Very tasty! I'm not a fan of fish sauce so I used 1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce instead. I also broiled instead of grilling because I'm lazy. I marinated about 6 hours, and will go longer... View More