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Toasted Jasmine Rice
208 calories
Toasted Jasmine Rice Submitted by: ImPat

I scaled the recipe back for 1 serve but when I measured the rice I thought there would not be enough so I scaled it up for 2 serves and what cooked up was definitely 2 serves but after cooking the... View More

Grilled Chile-Lime Flank Steak
385 calories
Grilled Chile-Lime Flank Steak Submitted by: ellie

Absolutely wonderful -- we didn't have flank steak so used another steak (ranch steak) which was about 1 inch thick and the marinade worked out great. Served with potatoes and corn cooked on the... View More

ForeverMama's Mediterranean Red Potato Salad
181 calories
ForeverMama's Mediterranean Red Potato Salad Submitted by: QueenBea

I made this to bring to a pot luck this past weekend and it was a hit!!! I had never tried this type of potato salad and I really enjoyed this non-mayo based version; it was very moist and flavorful.... View More

Impossible Lasagna Pie (Bisquick)
383 calories
Impossible Lasagna Pie (Bisquick) Submitted by: ellie

Wonderful and easy too! Mad as directed except for the ricotta I used cottage cheese -- next time I will use the ricotta! Thanks for sharing!

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Bobbie's Sloppy Joes
844 calories
Bobbie's Sloppy Joes Submitted by: Bergy

There are a lot of Sloppy Joe recipes but this one rates with the top ones. Very tasty & easy. Served with a small salad & a fewActifry Fries

Fish Matecumbe
585 calories
Fish Matecumbe Submitted by: Maito

This was a great fish dish. We used mahi and scaled it to two servings. I cut the oil down to a tablespoon, since we are used to eating low fat. All these flavors went very well with the fish.

Chicken Zanzibar
855 calories
Chicken Zanzibar Submitted by: ellie

Delicious -- used bone-in chicken thighs which were wonderful Thanks for sharing!

Curry Trout
399 calories
Curry Trout Submitted by: ellie

Very good trout which we enjoyed. I didn't have any curry powder so used Chinese 5-spice powder and also used dried/powdered turmeric but otherwise made as directed for delicious meal. Served the... View More

Buffalo Potatoes
298 calories
Buffalo Potatoes Submitted by: breezermom

Loved these. Very different flavor for potatoes, but one that I couldn't seem to quit eating. Spicy but not too much so.

Spicy Parmesan Crusted Tilapia
348 calories
Spicy Parmesan Crusted Tilapia Submitted by: TeresaS

We loved this...mine didn't come out as crisp looking as the posting chefs did...but it sure was has a touch of heat but nothing like you would think with the ingredients that are... View More

Salmon Marinade
262 calories
Salmon Marinade Submitted by: Felix4067

This was amazing! The only change I made was to use a seasoning blend from the local Spice Merchants rather than Mrs. Dash. Let the salmon marinate for 30 minutes, then since my fillets were thinner,... View More

Roasted New Potatoes With Garlic & Thyme
197 calories
Jackie's Chicken Scampi - Yankee Kitchen
531 calories
Jackie's Chicken Scampi - Yankee Kitchen Submitted by: MsPia

How fast and delicious! A winner. (Not very photogenic)

B-B-Q'd Corn With Chilli Lime Butter
292 calories
B-B-Q'd Corn With Chilli Lime Butter Submitted by: Daily Inspiration

We thoroughly enjoyed this flavored butter on our corn. The lime zest really adds such a great flavor and the bite of the pepper (used a green jalapeno)was subtle, but delicious. Fresh corn is so... View More

Coffee Braised Pot Roast With Onion Sauce
1108 calories
Coffee Braised Pot Roast With Onion Sauce Submitted by: Tisme

Except for leaving out the red wine vinegar and just using red wine, I made this recipe exactly as written. The whole family really did enjoy this roast. It had such lovely rich flavours through both... View More

A++ Fabulously Delicious Fish Piccata
556 calories
A++ Fabulously Delicious Fish Piccata Submitted by: breezermom

I loved this! I used fresh grouper from the Gulf of Mexico...right out of the boat. My fillets were a bit thick, so cooked them a tad longer. Loved the caper sauce. Thanks for sharing....made for... View More

Oven-Barbecued Pork Chops
266 calories
Oven-Barbecued Pork Chops Submitted by: QueenBea

This is delicious!!! I reduced the recipe down to 2 chops for DH and I made a few slight changes to this recipe by seasoning the chops with salt, garlic powder and onion powder then browning the chops... View More

Sausage Pomarola
180 calories
Sausage Pomarola Submitted by: ellie

Very good which we served over egg noodles. I didn't have vegetable bouillion so subbed beef bouillion but otherwise made as directed. Easy and good! Thanks for sharing!

Chicken Tikka Masala
276 calories
Chicken Tikka Masala Submitted by: MsPia

Great recipe. Burst with flavor!

Baked Rigatoni & Meatballs
824 calories
Baked Rigatoni & Meatballs Submitted by: Mikekey

I don't usually make my own meatballs (usually use Costco frozen) but decided to give these a try. Better than Costco's. I left out the green pepper (don't like it) and thought I had... View More

Salisbury Steak
607 calories
Salisbury Steak Submitted by: ellie

Delicious -- I couldn't find beef consommé so used beef broth and also used regular rice. We put ours on hamburger rolls with corn as a side. Very good meal which my family enjoyed. Will try... View More