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Karlen's (Even-A-Blonde-Can-Do-It) Party Spread
45 calories
Karlen's (Even-A-Blonde-Can-Do-It) Party Spread Submitted by: Susie D

This couldn't have been any easier, but tasted as if much more time and ingredients went into it. The spicy, sweet flavors paired beautifully with the creamy cheese and party crackers. Yum!

Black Olive & Fig Tapenade
248 calories
Black Olive & Fig Tapenade Submitted by: karenstl

Wow! What an amazing recipe. So simple but good enough that it could be served at the fanciest restaurant. I followed the recipe exactly, using Greek kalamata olives and whirring it up in my... View More

Cranberry Hazelnut Goat Cheese Log
135 calories
Cranberry Hazelnut Goat Cheese Log Submitted by: Daily Inspiration

This goat cheese log is wonderful. The only change I made (out of necessity) was to use toasted pecans. Will be making this recipe often. : )

Avocado-Bacon Egg Salad
167 calories
Avocado-Bacon Egg Salad Submitted by: Bayhill

Delicious egg salad! We really loved the addition of the bacon and red onion. The avocado was hardly noticeable, but I know that it added to the overall creaminess. My avocado was small and when I... View More

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Re-Invented Tuna Salad (No Mayo)
159 calories
Re-Invented Tuna Salad (No Mayo) Submitted by: Susie D

I made this and was surprised how the cottage cheese does translate into a tasty substitute for mayo. I drained the cottage cheese in a sieve to reduce even more of the watery fluid and then proceeded... View More

Egg Cheese Spread
321 calories
Egg Cheese Spread Submitted by: Tisme

Except for halving this recipe I made exactly as written. We really enjoy the eggs made this way. I served with water crackers and crusty bread, and this was a winner for us. Served with a ploughman's... View More

Avocado-Bacon Egg Salad
167 calories
Avocado-Bacon Egg Salad Submitted by: Maito

Who doesn't like some bacon and avocado in their egg salad?! They are really good in it, and I think you could add even more. I also used green onions and it worked out well. I think your portion... View More

Brie Torte
101 calories
Brie Torte Submitted by: Bergy

Wonderful appetizer served with bite size Breton Crackers. I cut the recipe back to serve 3 persons (125 g)size brie. This recipe is great for several reasons - the taste and the fact it is do ahead... View More

Thornton Winery Goat Cheese Spread
186 calories
Thornton Winery Goat Cheese Spread Submitted by: lazyme

Awesome! My grandson dosn't like goat cheese, but ate about 1/2 of this before I got the pic. lol. Delish spread Thanks for sharing, Lori. Made for First Time tag.

Garlic & Herb Cheese Spread Copycat
266 calories
Garlic & Herb Cheese Spread Copycat Submitted by: Susie D

Yum! What a delicious recipe! I used roasted garlic and let the spread chill all day before setting it out with a crudite and cracker tray for movie night. This was delightfully garlicky- vampires... View More

Turkey Or Chicken Club Salad Spread
483 calories
Turkey Or Chicken Club Salad Spread Submitted by: QueenBea

I had some frozen chicken in the freezer and used it to make this. It was great!!!! Looking forward to having it again tomorrow.

Avocado-Bacon Egg Salad
167 calories
Avocado-Bacon Egg Salad Submitted by: breezermom

Great egg salad! I subbed chopped green onions for the red because red onions don't agree with me! Otherwise kept the recipe the same. Loved the addition of the bacon and avocados to traditional... View More

Cranberry Cream Cheese Spread
92 calories
Cranberry Cream Cheese Spread Submitted by: Daily Inspiration

This cranberry spread is really delicious. I actually used the entire amount of cayenne and it really isn't that spicy hot. The green chilies are a great addition. I absolutely love having this... View More

Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto
188 calories
Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Submitted by: Maito

Served this over pasta, and it was great. I doubled the basil and used less sun dried tomatoes. They are so the star here - it really was delicious.

Aioli With Herbs
69 calories
Aioli With Herbs Submitted by: ForeverMama

This is GOOD! We had this as a dipping sauce for fish, but can see how it is a great condiment for a sandwich spread, chicken, etc. I used lime juice instead of lemon because I had an abundance of... View More

Caraway Cheese Spread
122 calories
Caraway Cheese Spread Submitted by: TeresaS

We loved this...but if you are not a fan of caraway I would cut the amount down...I made it using sharp cheddar Kaukauna cheese...I also cut the recipe way down...made for FYC tag game...

Black Olive Tapenade
261 calories
Black Olive Tapenade Submitted by: twissis

Made for the FF&F FYC Tag Game - I used this recipe to make your "Tapenade Baked Cod" & IMO the tapenade was the star of the show. I added a bit of sun-dried tomato & liked the flavor it gave the... View More

Roasted Garlic, Brie & Black Olive Pate
204 calories
Roasted Garlic, Brie & Black Olive Pate Submitted by: artandkitchen

Super easy, delicious and quick recipe, can be adapted to the ingredients on hand. Instead of melting it in a double boiler, I simply melted the cheese in the micro wave. Served as 3 single portions... View More

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto On Brie
279 calories
Sun Dried Tomato Pesto On Brie Submitted by: Bergy

5 star plus. We loved it! Served on slices of baguette. I cut the recipe back to 2 servings. I have discovered that instead of cutting the outside rind I use a serrated tomato knife and just scrape... View More

Pinecone Cheeseball
123 calories
Pinecone Cheeseball Submitted by: Mikekey

This was a big hit at our Christmas Eve bash. Lots of flavor and really easy to do.

Southern Pimento Cheese Spread
180 calories
Southern Pimento Cheese Spread Submitted by: MommaG

Also very good on hamburger sliders, the cheese gets really gooey!