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Honey & Lemon Curd Dip
78 calories
Honey & Lemon Curd Dip Submitted by: Daily Inspiration

Made this lemon curd dip today to go with some fresh strawberries. I had purchased a jar of lemon curd and this recipe made excellent use of it. I did add an extra tbsp. of the lemon curd and I... View More

Chocolate Soda Or Float (Fountain Style & Lightened)
241 calories
Chocolate Soda Or Float (Fountain Style & Lightened) Submitted by: Maito

Have not had one of these before. It was fun to make, as well as tasty to eat. It doesn't taste like it is lightened at all. I bet it would be great with all kinds of flavors of low fat ice cream... View More

Pecan Brownies
296 calories
Pecan Brownies Submitted by: Mikekey

Delicious. Rich and moist. I used Hershey's Special Dark Cocoa.

Chocolate Fruitcake Balls (Only Two Ingredients!)
37 calories
Chocolate Fruitcake Balls (Only Two Ingredients!) Submitted by: Tisme

I used a light fruit cake and dark chocolate chips for these chocolate balls. Although, I think the light cake would have suited the milk chocolate chips which were listed in the ingredients. I also... View More

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Rhubarb Custard Bars
410 calories
Rhubarb Custard Bars Submitted by: Muffin Goddess

Okay, so I might be a little bit biased because I love rhubarb, but these were wonderful! The aren't the prettiest of desserts once they're cut because the filling isn't solid (and... View More

Guava & Cream Cheese Empanadas
497 calories
Guava & Cream Cheese Empanadas Submitted by: Muffin Goddess

We tried these straight out of the oven, as soon as they were just cool enough to bite into, and they were good, but the pastry seemed a little dry, and tasted a bit on the salty side. I set the... View More

Dutch Apple Bread
458 calories
Dutch Apple Bread Submitted by: CreationInHope

This was divine. I did make a few tweeks, nothing huge though, we used pears instead of apples, and I used halved pecans instead of pieces (this I was just being lazy). We had an apple pie earlier... View More

Apple Bundt Cake
371 calories
Apple Bundt Cake Submitted by: DebbieLovesDesserts

The family loved this! I served it with fresh whip cream and it was yummy!

Fresh Peach Cobbler
528 calories
Fresh Peach Cobbler Submitted by: DebbieLovesDesserts

Simple and so delicious! The whole family loved it with our favorite vanilla ice cream!

Postre de Atol de Elote (Corn Pudding)
178 calories
Postre de Atol de Elote (Corn Pudding) Submitted by: JostLori

Oh my goodness! This tastes just like a sweet corn tamale, except in liquid or pudding form! And of course, without the hours of work! I know I'll regret having made this, as I can already... View More

Iced Coconut-Orange Cookies
99 calories
Iced Coconut-Orange Cookies Submitted by: bigbadbrenda

I enjoyed these and didn't put the icing on when I took the picture. Hubby liked them as well. Easy to make as well.

Arroz Con Leche - Rice Pudding
261 calories
Arroz Con Leche - Rice Pudding Submitted by: MamiJ

This took a while to make, butthead results are delicious. The condensed milk adds a caramel flavor and color to the rice. I used dried cranberries instead of the raisins because my children... View More

Grilled Apple Dessert Packages
172 calories
Grilled Apple Dessert Packages Submitted by: ImPat

Made as per recipe leaving the skin on the apple and for the dried fruit I used sultanas and walnuts for the nut ingredient and baked in the oven for 20 minutes and served with a dollop of cream for a... View More

Wicked Caramel Layer Squares
354 calories
Wicked Caramel Layer Squares Submitted by: Sheepdoc

Of course these are awesome. How could they not be? One box of cake mix and 3/4 cup of melted butter is not crumbly so I'm not sure what was wrong but it all turned out in the end.

Fig Spice Cake
508 calories
Fig Spice Cake Submitted by: ellie

Wonderful cake. I used fresh figs cooked in water along with the yogurt option. I also used pecans for the nuts. I didn't sift the flour twice, just once with the spices. No frosting as this cake... View More

Cream Cheese Pound Cake
464 calories
Cream Cheese Pound Cake Submitted by: ellie

Delicious even with my changes. I chose this recipe to use up the rest of the package of cream cheese -- lower fat but only had 6 oz. I also skimmed a bit on the sugar, but again not by much - used... View More

Welsh Amber Pudding
310 calories
Welsh Amber Pudding Submitted by: Mikekey

Pure decadence. Nothing "diet" food about this, but oh, so delicious. I will put this in my "special occasion" book.

Sponge Cake
145 calories
Sponge Cake Submitted by: Kay

I made this earlier today I'm going to top it with whipped cream and strawberry glaze and fresh strawberries to serve at my barbecue tonight, it turned out good and baked out nice.

Coconut Rice Pudding With Mango Topping (CQ #4 - India)
480 calories
Coconut Rice Pudding With Mango Topping (CQ #4 - India) Submitted by: Daily Inspiration

Delicious! The coconut milk and cinnamon makes this rice pudding so flavorful and creamy. I did have to cook it quite a bit longer than mentioned in the recipe, but it was well worth it. Will... View More

Banana Nut Snack Cake
323 calories
Banana Nut Snack Cake Submitted by: Mikekey

Delicious little cake just right for the two of us to snack on. Lots of flavor. I served it the first night with a scoop of butter-pecan ice cream.

Coconut Rice Pudding With Mango Topping (CQ #4 - India)
480 calories
Coconut Rice Pudding With Mango Topping (CQ #4 - India) Submitted by: bigbadbrenda

This was absolutely wonderful I was worried cause I had 2% milk but I add 1 tbsp of evaporated milk to it. Easy to make and my husband said I can make this anytime I wanted Made for QC 2017