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Palatschinken - Austrian Pancakes
288 calories
Palatschinken - Austrian Pancakes Submitted by: LifeIsGood

What a yummy breakfast! We made it a variety by filling some with raspberry jam, peach preserves, and some with peanut butter and bananas (wish I had some Nutella to go with that one!). It made 8... View More

Austrian Hash
604 calories
Austrian Hash Submitted by: lazyme

I really enjoyed this dish. I love breakfast foods and this was right up my alley. Thanks for sharing, Linky. Made for CQ4.

Ethiopian Eritrean Style Scrambled Eggs
215 calories
Ethiopian Eritrean Style Scrambled Eggs Submitted by: Bergy

These Ethiopian eggs are easy & very tasty. I used a large jalapeno pepper & 4 grape tomatoes with the seeds squeezed out. Added some salt & pepper. Cut the recipe back to 2 eggs. This is a lovely... View More

Muenster Spinach Omelet
659 calories
Muenster Spinach Omelet Submitted by: ImPat

Could not get muenster cheese so used an slice of American red cheddar which I just cut up small and added to the inside of the omelet and served my bacon on the side. I cooked my bacon using my... View More

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Microwave Caesar Scrambled Eggs
360 calories
Microwave Caesar Scrambled Eggs Submitted by: ImPat

Mace for a great breakfast this morning I have a 900W microwave and for 1 serve (2 large eggs) I microwaved for 30 seconds, stirred then microwaved for a further 45 seconds, stirred and then for... View More

Italian Salami Omelet
324 calories
Italian Salami Omelet Submitted by: Bergy

The salami does not overwhelm the omelet but just adds flavour. Easy come together omelet. Lovely brunch recipe.

Sweet Pasta Sauce with Ground Pork
470 calories
Sweet Pasta Sauce with Ground Pork Submitted by: MiniMia

This was tasty, I subbed sweet Italian sausage for the ground pork increased the garlic to three cloves and add a minced onion, a very nice rich sauce we served it with spaghetti, thank you!

Banana Spice Bread
211 calories
Banana Spice Bread Submitted by: ellie

Very good bread -- we were able to make one medium sized loaf plus 4 mini loaves from this recipe. Made as directed for some delicious bread! Thanks for sharing!

Ham Frittata
254 calories
Ham Frittata Submitted by: Bergy

So easy & very tasty. I didn't add the cheese. When I took the lid off the frittata was raised looking very fluffy - It soon collapsed but still had a very nice texture. We had this for dinner... View More

Shirley's Plain Or Fresh Fruit Muffins
167 calories
Shirley's Plain Or Fresh Fruit Muffins Submitted by: BocaMama

These muffins are so good using the blueberries. I will try other fresh berries when I make them too, though these would be hard to beat!

Kittencal's Jumbo Double Streusel Apple Muffins
639 calories
Kittencal's Jumbo Double Streusel Apple Muffins Submitted by: BeatleBugBrenda

Love these muffins so much that I made them all winter. I used extra ingredients to make more topping cause the more the better is my motto.

Italian Salami Omelet
324 calories
Italian Salami Omelet Submitted by: ImPat

The only changes I made was to slice my onion and use the parsley as garnish and I scrambled the mix instead of letting it set as per a omelet but the end result was a delicious and filling breakfast,... View More

Baked Garlic Cheese Grits
323 calories
Baked Garlic Cheese Grits Submitted by: JustJane

I had relatives come for the weekend and wanted to make something not so typical for breakfast. These were great along with fried ham and skillet apples. I have to say they are the best grits I have... View More

Roasted Tomato & Baked Eggs
221 calories
Roasted Tomato & Baked Eggs Submitted by: ForeverMama

We really enjoyed how all the flavors came together. Unfortunately I left the dish in the oven too long where my eggs did not retain the soft center, but that was my fault. Other than that, it was... View More

Egg & Bacon Bagel Sandwich
812 calories
Egg & Bacon Bagel Sandwich Submitted by: ImPat

I actually made this for dinner using a Rye bacon and just one slice of rindless eye bacon otherwise made as per recipe for a delicious breakfast for dinner. Thank you NYThaddeus, made for Pick Me... View More

Scrambled Eggs With Fetta
511 calories
Scrambled Eggs With Fetta Submitted by: Daily Inspiration

Loved the ingredients - enjoyed this version of scrambled eggs. The only change I made was to cut the recipe in half.

Scrambled Eggs With Fetta
511 calories
Scrambled Eggs With Fetta Submitted by: QueenBea

I made this as instructed and the eggs turned out perfectly!! We all really enjoyed this for Sunday brunch.

Big Ole Tex-Mex Burrito Omelet
342 calories
Big Ole Tex-Mex Burrito Omelet Submitted by: Bergy

Super loaded tasty omelet. I cut the recipe back to 2 eggs and it was a large brunch that was enjoyed. I used black beans instead of Pinto. This looks messy but that made it all the more enjoyable. ... View More

All-In-One Breakfast Skillet
959 calories
All-In-One Breakfast Skillet Submitted by: Bergy

Lovely combination that makes for a great Sunday Brunch. I beat the eggs and, as the recipe suggests, added them to the potato mixture. The cheese is just the right finishing touch. I enjoyed this... View More

Mrs. Chang's Eggs
533 calories
Mrs. Chang's Eggs Submitted by: dienia b

Different way to make eggs good

Manchego Chorizo Puffs
170 calories
Manchego Chorizo Puffs Submitted by: Shadows1

These are a great appetizer and use for chorizo, very tasty!