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Homestead Cider Brined Pork Chops With Pan Gravy
476 calories
Homestead Cider Brined Pork Chops With Pan Gravy Submitted by: Daily Inspiration

Made these delicious pork chops last night for dinner. I wasn't able to marinate them overnight, but they were still moist and flavorful. I added extra coarse grain mustard to the sauce and it... View More

Ham, Egg & Cheese On Toast
418 calories
Ham, Egg & Cheese On Toast Submitted by: Tisme

Except for the fact I used shredded ham, this was made as per recipe. I used sliced cheddar as suggested and I really loved this. I made it for myself for brunch as I was on my own, peace, tranquility... View More

Creamy Cajun Shrimp & Cheese Tortellini
808 calories
Creamy Cajun Shrimp & Cheese Tortellini Submitted by: ImPat

Made in your memory Kim and you are sorely missed but I am glad I have had the opportunity to make this great recipe and I am so happy you posted. Made for Pick Me tag game under the 48 hour rule.

Penne With Creamy Mushroom Medley
399 calories
Penne With Creamy Mushroom Medley Submitted by: ImPat

I scaled back for 1 serve and used a selection of 5 mushrooms and made as directed for a very flavourful and deliciously filling dinner (even had left overs for a light snack the next day - heated up... View More

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Caramelised Red Onion Chutney
488 calories
Caramelised Red Onion Chutney Submitted by: QueenBea

What a great tasting chutney this is!!! We used some of this 3 days after I made it on hotdogs and it was so good!!! I will be using this often, thx for sharing this recipe here :)

Roasted Tilapia With Citrus Butter Sauce
393 calories
Roasted Tilapia With Citrus Butter Sauce Submitted by: ellie

Very good. We had less tilapia than indicated so we only used one lemon but kept the rest of the sauce ingredients -- this makes a lot of sauce, so I probably should have cut the sauce ingredients in... View More

Thyme & Lemon Smashed Potatoes
66 calories
Thyme & Lemon Smashed Potatoes Submitted by: artandkitchen

This dish gave to my whole apartment such a tempting smell! I love the thyme addition! I used the herbs from my garden and potatoes I have at home (yellow and one purple potatoes), they where great... View More

Chicken Parmigiana
459 calories
Chicken Parmigiana Submitted by: artandkitchen

WOW! This was a great hit and the preparation was very simple. I placed raw zucchini (I skipped the peas and carrots) slices around the chicken as I was broiling it and then I added the other... View More

Brussels Sprouts & Walnuts With Fennel & Shallots
154 calories
Brussels Sprouts & Walnuts With Fennel & Shallots Submitted by: KATO BABY

Wow, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful recipe Mikekey. It's awesome, the flavors blend perfectly together, the textures are great, resulting in a very satisfying vegetable dish. I... View More

Hamburger Cheese Bake
477 calories
Hamburger Cheese Bake Submitted by: KATO BABY

What a lovely comfort meal. We enjoyed this quick and easy to make recipe very much. The flavors and textures were wonderful together, everything blended beautifully to help create a tasty treat. ... View More

Chickpea Base Pizza
1003 calories
Chickpea Base Pizza Submitted by: ForeverMama

Very different but in the end, the taste overpowers your idea of the norms. At first the crust threw me off for the reason that one doesn't expect it not to be doughy. It is more like a... View More

Sweet Potato Biscuits With Honey Butter
270 calories
Sweet Potato Biscuits With Honey Butter Submitted by: ForeverMama

Can you say COMFORT! I love biscuits and these did not disapoint. I used pumpkin instead of sweet potato because that's what I had on hand, but I'm now curious of how they would turn out... View More

Crunchy Stuffed Eggs
170 calories
Crunchy Stuffed Eggs Submitted by: ForeverMama

We really enjoyed these eggs Pat! But, I must confess that I didn't follow the method all the way through. My daughter who LOVES deviled eggs is watching her weight (so am I) and she pleaded... View More

Herb Sweet Potato Stackers
190 calories
Herb Sweet Potato Stackers Submitted by: ForeverMama

These sweet potatoes were quite interesting as I love the concept of cutting them thin and stacking them in muffin tins. We didn't feel that the herbs didn't quite match well with sweet... View More

Oriental Baked Cod
175 calories
Oriental Baked Cod Submitted by: Mikekey

Great sauce on the fish and very easy recipe. I garnished with chopped chives instead of green onions.

Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Subs (Or Otherwise Known As Hoagies)
692 calories
Crockpot Buffalo Chicken Subs (Or Otherwise Known As... Submitted by: Susie D

This couldn't be any easier & the result was satisfying! I opted to use boneless breasts and Frank's wing sauce. It was easy to spoon out the chicken and shredd. I then stirred about half of... View More

Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs
200 calories
Blue Cheese Deviled Eggs Submitted by: Susie D

These were a stellar addition to a tray of deviled eggs and one I'll use often! I used the thicker blue cheese dressing, but also threw in an additional tbs of crumbled blue cheese for 6 eggs... View More

Sesame Ginger Chicken
256 calories
Sesame Ginger Chicken Submitted by: ellie

Very good chicken -- I forgot the green onion -- but I don't think anyone missed it. Thanks for sharing!

Apple Oat Bread
237 calories
Apple Oat Bread Submitted by: MsPia

Very nice bread. Followed the recipe to a T and it came out perfect. I think I will add raisins next time, since I love that combination.❤

Great Northern Bean, Ham & Vegetable Chowder 13, Native American
389 calories
Great Northern Bean, Ham & Vegetable Chowder 13, Native... Submitted by: ImPat

This made for a great lunch with toasted bread which I thoroughly enjoyed. When making my smoked ham hock weighed just under 1.5K and took 3 hours of simmering to get to the point the meat was... View More

Bran Muffins
236 calories
Bran Muffins Submitted by: hungry_grl

I really love this muffin recipe, they are moist with a lovely flavor, I'll save this recipe to make again soon, thanks