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Pasta Salad 
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Asian Pasta Salad
370 calories
Asian Pasta Salad Submitted by: ahmafor3

Recipe found on Vegetarian Recipes From Around The World's website and submitted by Karen C. Greenlee.

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(3) Reviews
Orzo-Artichoke Salad
348 calories
Orzo-Artichoke Salad Submitted by: BabyBelle

Original recipe is from AllRecipes

Chinese Noodle Chicken Salad
329 calories
Chinese Noodle Chicken Salad Submitted by: Balderest

I know there's a ton of these recipes around and I've try so many, some good and not so good, this one is really good! it reminds me of a dish I used to love at a Chinese restaurant. Highly recommended!

Pasta Salad With Melon, Pancetta, & Ricotta Salata
276 calories
Pasta Salad With Melon, Pancetta, & Ricotta Salata Submitted by: breezermom

This dish screams "Welcome to Summer" for me! Love the pancetta and melon combo. I like to throw in a bit of arugula for sharpness, but that is just something I enjoy.

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Macaroni Antipasto
368 calories
Macaroni Antipasto Submitted by: breezermom

Potluck Salad! Full of color and flavor.

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(1) Review
Mac & Cheese Salad
385 calories
Mac & Cheese Salad Submitted by: BudgetCooker

Something a little different, this is made with a box of mac & cheese!

Mexican Pasta Salad
642 calories
Mexican Pasta Salad Submitted by: CheapCook

This needs to be served at room temperature

  • 4.0000
(1) Review
Ramen Noodles & Ham Salad
188 calories
Ramen Noodles & Ham Salad Submitted by: Chef shapeweaver

As I had mentioned before,I received a Ramen Noodle Cookbook this past Christmas. There was a recipe for a " pasta " salad in it. From that recipe, I was inspired to create one. And this is the final result. We all know that the little...

Baked Mac & Cheese With Panko Topping
653 calories
Baked Mac & Cheese With Panko Topping Submitted by: Chiffon

Comfort food that always pleases my family, I sometimes will throw in cooked chicken or cooked broccoli if I have any leftover from a previous meal

Frog's Eye Salad
533 calories
Frog's Eye Salad Submitted by: CookinDebbs

If you haven't had this yet, you should cause it's CRAZY good! acini de pepe is a tiny pasta, hence the name "Frog's eye" it sort of the size close to pearl couscous

Macaroni Dill Salad
222 calories
Macaroni Dill Salad Submitted by: dienia b

Shell macaroni.

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(1) Review
Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad
413 calories
Buffalo Chicken Pasta Salad Submitted by: dienia b

Grumpy's Honey Bunch, I changed it up to suit my tastes, found on blog about food

Creamy Tuna Twist  2
381 calories
Creamy Tuna Twist 2 Submitted by: dienia b

An old recipe from Darlene Kossman, I dont know that the vinegar adds much, start out with a teaspoon then go from there. Some people don't like as much mayo so start out low and go higher, this a cold dish for summer

Stacky5's Southwest Tuna Macaroni & Cheese Casserole
609 calories
Confetti Corn Couscous Salad
135 calories
Summer Pasta
445 calories
Summer Pasta Submitted by: dienia b

NY Times via chia

Hawaiian Macaroni Salad
379 calories
Texas Pasta Salad
84 calories
Texas Pasta Salad Submitted by: dienia b

  • 5.0000
(2) Reviews
Ray Parrella's Pasta Salad
375 calories
Alma's Macaroni Salad
369 calories
Alma's Macaroni Salad Submitted by: dienia b

  • 4.5000
(2) Reviews
Tea Room Macaroni Salad
436 calories
Tea Room Macaroni Salad Submitted by: dienia b

Victorian Tea Room in Warm Springs, Ga.