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Guava Daiquiri Of The Tropics
114 calories
Guava Daiquiri Of The Tropics Submitted by: ForeverMama

The soft, pink flesh of a fresh guava exudes a perfume and flavor that is intoxicating. This tropical fruit, found flourishing along roadsides in the Caribbean, yields a luscious nectar that combines beautifully with fresh lime juice...

  • 4.5000
(2) Reviews
Passion Fruit Daiquiri
96 calories
Passion Fruit Daiquiri Submitted by: ForeverMama

Yummy beach drink from the Carribean

Date Shake
268 calories
Date Shake Submitted by: dienia b

Royal Tahiti Cocktail
295 calories
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Granizado De Limon, Spain
179 calories
Granizado De Limon, Spain Submitted by: dienia b

Lemon drink from Spain; make in freezer.

Purple Orchid
324 calories
Purple Orchid Submitted by: dienia b

Blackberry brandy drink viola reeves killian used arrow liqueur

7-Eleven Cherry Slurpee
1468 calories
Pomegranate Margaritas
206 calories
Pomegranate Margaritas Submitted by: Mikekey

A nice change from the classic margarita. Great for summer. Cook time is time to freeze pomegranate ice cubes.

Pink Panties
111 calories
Frozen Berry Margarita
299 calories
Frozen Berry Margarita Submitted by: Jaide

A summer drink

The Pink Breeze
301 calories
Egyptian Mint Limeade
140 calories
Egyptian Mint Limeade Submitted by: dienia b

From mamadweeb

Peach Flip
100 calories
Peach Flip Submitted by: dienia b

Pineapple Cooler Drink
118 calories
Turkish Delight Smoothie
343 calories
Strawberry Pineapple Slush
157 calories
Watermelon Shirley Temple
82 calories
Watermelon Shirley Temple Submitted by: dienia b

This recipe came from Joseph K. Poon for the National Watermelon Promotion Board. via sharon 123 its one of my go to drinks

Dee's Irish Milkshake
482 calories
Dee's Apple Pie Mocktail
431 calories
Dee's Apple Pie Mocktail Submitted by: dienia b

I made this up for Zaar tour 6. Has apple cider; blender drink. Here are the reviews: This is a great shake! Not too sweet and the apple juice and spices give it a nice fall apple pie flavor. I topped mine with whipped cream and a few...

Dubai Lemonade
227 calories
Dubai Lemonade Submitted by: dienia b

I was reading about this refreshing drink and not having had it, and needing some drinks for na* me game, here we go. It is a blender drink without alcohol. has mint

Indian Cold Coffee Shake
302 calories