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Gelatin Salad 
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Congealed Spinach Salad
227 calories
Congealed Spinach Salad Submitted by: acerast

In years past a special meal was not complete without a congealed salad. This refreshing salad was a specialty of Gay Bjorkholm from our church when we lived in Tennessee. She always shared delicious food and set a beautiful table....

Cranberry Salad
253 calories
Cranberry Salad Submitted by: ahmafor3

This is a dish that has become a holiday tradition for my daughter. She loves it and I make it every year for Thanksgiving or Christmas. Very simple and delicious! Recipe is from the book More So Fat, Low Fat, No Fat by Betty...

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50 Dollar Salad
590 calories
50 Dollar Salad Submitted by: dienia b

Convent Cookery 1983. this is a fluffy tart salad that really tastes great . i used thawed cool whip instead of whipping cream

Pink Molded Salad
402 calories
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Cranberry Jewel Salad
273 calories
Elvis Presley's Coca-Cola Jello Salad
462 calories
Coca-Cola Salad
314 calories
Coca-Cola Salad Submitted by: dienia b

They said this was really good with ham at Christmas

RIchard Nixon's Avocado Salad
200 calories
Black Mess Jello
140 calories
Cherry & Coca Cola Salad
146 calories
Cherry & Coca Cola Salad Submitted by: JostLori

Yes, one more salad from my Lutheran days. NOTE: Time does not include overnight refrigeration time.

Cucumber Salad
161 calories
Cucumber Salad Submitted by: KellyLebrun

This is a creamy cucumber salad that very good especially during the summer season

Cranberry Pineapple Jello Salad
187 calories
Cranberry Pineapple Jello Salad Submitted by: Mary

This dates from the heyday of jello dishes, but it's still good and offers a change of pace for those who skip the cranberry sauce or just want something different with their leftover turkey sandwiches. Bright fruit flavors...

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Cranberry Apple Waldorf Gelatin Salad
127 calories
Cranberry Apple Waldorf Gelatin Salad Submitted by: Mikekey

A nice colorful salad for the holidays, or a buffet. Make the day before serving. Cook time is chill time. Can also be made in a gelatine mold and turned out onto a plate after it is set.

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Tomato-Shrimp Aspic Salad
36 calories
Tomato-Shrimp Aspic Salad Submitted by: Mikekey

This is an old recipe that used to turn up at all of the family potlucks, picnics, etc. back in the 1950's and 60's. I never liked it (still don't) but everyone seemed to enjoy it. Easily doubled. Canned shrimp, well...

Apple Cider Salad
185 calories
Apple Cider Salad Submitted by: Mikekey

A gelatin salad. From an old BBS cooking site. (remember those?) Cook time is refrigeration time.

Julie's Cranberry Salad
160 calories
Julie's Cranberry Salad Submitted by: Puppitypup

A delightfully different cranberry salad, bursting with crunch and flavor. I can only find cranberry gelatin at holiday time, but you can substitute black cherry. Cook time is chill time.

Cranberry Relish Mold
212 calories
Cranberry Relish Mold Submitted by: Puppitypup

Many years ago I had a cousin serve this for her bridal shower. Turkey salad in the middle of a beautiful molded jello ring. It was so lovely I've never forgotten it. This Taste of Home recipe look about the same, although I...

Cranberry-Apple Salad Mold
184 calories
Cranberry-Apple Salad Mold Submitted by: VegGirl

For Christmas or Thanksgiving

Molded Egg Salad
126 calories
Molded Egg Salad Submitted by: Wrenda

A different salad, I am going to take this to potluck this week. Cook time is chill time