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Ahi Tuna Burgers
364 calories
Ahi Tuna Burgers Submitted by: AcadiaTwo

This is I believe an old Tyler Florence recipe. It's so old, I can't find it listed in his recipes. I have modified it from the original too. I just love the delicate flavor. You can add hot sauce, however, I think the taste would be...

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Hamburgers Polish Style (Kotlety Siekane)
280 calories
Hamburgers Polish Style (Kotlety Siekane) Submitted by: ahmafor3

I remember my aunt making hamburgers and soaking the bread in milk, adding an egg, and using bacon drippings. The end result was great hamburgers! This recipe is from the RecipeLion's website.

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Lipton Onion Burgers
407 calories
Lipton Onion Burgers Submitted by: ahmafor3

From Favorite Name Brand Recipes website. Could also use Beefy Onion, Onion Mushroom, Savory Herb with Garlic or Ranch Soup Mix.

Butter Chicken Burgers
194 calories
Butter Chicken Burgers Submitted by: Alexi-Rae

From Canadian Living. This is for those who love butter chicken. Serve burgers in kaiser rolls and top with plain Greek yogurt, sliced tomatoes and cucumbers, and lettuce leaves. Makes 6-8 burgers

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Onion Burgers
674 calories
Onion Burgers Submitted by: AlteredEgo

These sandwiches are something like a sloppy joe and every bit as tasty.

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Grilled Portabella Burger With Basil Mayonnaise (vegan)
563 calories
Grilled Portabella Burger With Basil Mayonnaise (vegan) Submitted by: AustinVegLiving

This recipe was featured in the August/September 2007 issue of Austin Vegetarian Living. It was submitted by Susan Jaffe, R.D., C.D., Vice President of the Vegetarian Network of Austin at that time. She adapted the recipe from one in...

Asian Salmon Burgers
335 calories
Asian Salmon Burgers Submitted by: BakinBaby

I found this at the Prevention website. Yummmm

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Peppy Honey Mustard Burger
808 calories
Peppy Honey Mustard Burger Submitted by: Bergy

The Honey mustard, crushed Chili flakes & onions give this burger a special something. This recipe was adapted form Aaron's Missouri Burger by aaron cindi. So I say thanks to him and apologize to him for the changes that I made. ...

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Spicy Italian Burgers With Mixed Peppers
904 calories
Spicy Italian Burgers With Mixed Peppers Submitted by: Bergy

This is a quick, easy to make burger that is loaded with flavor. I use ready made hot Italian sausage with the casings removed shaped into 3 patties. If your preference is less spicy buy the mild sausage. If you prefer smaller patties...

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Italian Sausage Burger With Spinach
618 calories
Italian Sausage Burger With Spinach Submitted by: Bergy

This is a very tasty burger that is so easy to make. I love making burgers out of pre seasoned Italian sausage meat. I use Hot Italian sausage but use your own favorite. I like to add fried mushrooms. You want the skillet large...

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Curried Pork Burger
651 calories
Curried Pork Burger Submitted by: Bergy

This recipe is from Canadian Living Magazine. I am so happy that I stumbled across the recipe, we loved it. Tasty and moist. This burger may be difficult to BBQ as it is quite loose and moist. Try topping the finished burger with...

Lamb Burger Middle Eastern Style
821 calories
Lamb Burger Middle Eastern Style Submitted by: Bergy

If you love lamb you will love this recipe. I found it in a Canadian Living magazine and have tweaked it a bit to suit my taste. They suggested a slice of fried eggplant on top. Sounds good - I subbed tomatoes because I didn't...

Bergy's Wowser (as In Wow) Burger
1021 calories
Bergy's Wowser (as In Wow) Burger Submitted by: Bergy

I love burgers and love trying every kind you can imagine - Lamb, pork, chicken and of course beef. I also like lots of condiments so I made up this tasty monster. I like making only 3 burgers from a pound but if you like them smaller...

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Sun Dried Pesto Burger
828 calories
Sun Dried Pesto Burger Submitted by: Bergy

This burger may not be for everybody but I love it. Serve with a green salad and oven fries. It needs a bit of careful handling, they are a quite delicate. Make 4 burgers if you like a smaller pattie. I bought my tomato pesto but...

Unboring Turkey Burger
980 calories
Unboring Turkey Burger Submitted by: Bergy

I love burgers and usually make beef burgers but this Turkey Burger will be made again and again. I have adapted the recipe fromm an allrecipes recipe by Ocassional Cooker. You can stretch this recipe to make 6 burgers if you like...

Pork 'n Apple Burgers
572 calories
Pork 'n Apple Burgers Submitted by: Bergy

This is a moist tasty burger that really needs nothing on it except the apples. Use a nice spicy sausage meat and a firm apple. You may use the raw apple on the burger. I like to saute the apple for a couple of minutes with the...

Fajita Pork Burger
633 calories
Fajita Pork Burger Submitted by: Bergy

Simple, easy quick burger to make. I like to serve it with lettuce, tomato and sweet onion under the patty and garlic, onion jam on top or a lovely Mango chutney. Or try some medium Salsa MMM.Fried mushrooms along side. I used a...

Au Jus Onion Burgers
932 calories
Au Jus Onion Burgers Submitted by: Bergy

Very tasty Burger and it is a bit different. I recommend using nice crispy rolls or 6 inch pieces of baguette. If you want smaller meat portions you can stretch this to serve 6 just add more cheese and buns

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Ginger and Spice Lamb Burger For One
734 calories
Ginger and Spice Lamb Burger For One Submitted by: Bergy

This burger has a lovely tang from the hot sauce, ginger and teriaki sauce. Double or triple the recipe. Make it as hot or as tame as you like. A nice addition to this burger is recipe#5756 Greek Yogurt-Feta Burger Sauce

Some Like It Hot Burger
1394 calories
Some Like It Hot Burger Submitted by: Bergy

I have made so many different burgers, I love them, there are some that are favorites and this is one of them. You can double or quadruple this recipe. Have the pickles on the side.

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Spicy Pork Burger
462 calories
Spicy Pork Burger Submitted by: Bergy

Great flavoured pork burger. It is from Canadian Living Test Kitchen. I made a couple of changes to the original recipe. I only make 3 burgers from a pound but it does stretch to 4 burgers. I like to add a slice of tomato, lettuce...

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