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 Caesar - Lemon Infused Caesar
1924 calories
Caesar - Lemon Infused Caesar Submitted by: Gerry

When making Ceasars for your party guests, add Lemon Infused Ceasars in Highball glasses. It's an easy to prepare cocktail with great visual appeal and suburb flavour.

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 Yummy Punch Drink
1916 calories
Yummy Punch Drink Submitted by: Under15Cook

This is for kids but for grown ups can add in alcohol. I don't know how many servings that this makes.

"The Day-After" Drink
31 calories
"The Day-After" Drink Submitted by: Kittencal

We all have had them, to much eating and way to much drinking, here's something you can drink the day after to prevent the bloat, plus burn some fat, detoxify and energize yourself. You need a large pitcher for this and it must be...

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24 Carrot-tini
154 calories
24 Carrot-tini Submitted by: FuzzyFelicity

Great light alcoholic beverage.

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4th Of July Martini
238 calories
4th Of July Martini Submitted by: lazyme

This is so good and so pretty! It's bright blue and the grenadine makes a bright red layer at the bottom of the glass! Be sure to serve it in a glass martini glass to get the great effect! I served this at our 4th party and...

5-Spice Tea
61 calories
5-Spice Tea Submitted by: Mikekey

Can be served hot or iced. Use sweetener of choice. Can also use black tea, for a stronger flavor.

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7-Eleven Cherry Slurpee
1468 calories
A Day at the Beach
269 calories
A Day at the Beach Submitted by: Puppitypup

These are so good! At the last party we had, I made these for the ladies and hubby bought beer for the men. Turned out all the men wanted these too, so I had to make another batch. I even make these up ahead of time to take on...

Absolutely Easy Unsweetened Iced Tea
65 calories
Absolutely Easy Unsweetened Iced Tea Submitted by: HeatherFeather

This tea is ready so quickly, you can have a nice tall glass to drink in about 15 minutes or so. It only makes enough for one 2-quart pitcher, which is perfect for me. You may add mint, lemon wedges, etc if you prefer after brewing. ...

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Adult Banana Smoothie
260 calories
Adult Banana Smoothie Submitted by: Tisme

A creamy adult drink! Not for the kids! I have used plain yoghurt as a substitute for buttermilk before and it tastes just as nice.

Adult Poptails (Frozen Cocktails on a Stick)
1108 calories
Adult Poptails (Frozen Cocktails on a Stick) Submitted by: Kchurchill5 "RIP" Forever in our Kitchen

I'm not sure where these originated from; but, I found some of these on the Betty Crocker site a few years ago - and, they are fantastic. Great for summer parties, potlucks, and BBQ's. I would make a couple (2 or 3) different...

Adult Punch
1107 calories
Adult Punch Submitted by: Jaide

Sorry I don't know the servings for this, I listed it as one

211 calories
Advocaat Submitted by: twissis

From "The Art of Dutch Cooking" by C. Countess Van Limburg Stirum (some name, huh?), this is a recipe for the popular Dutch beverage normally served during the holiday season & often called "Dutch Eggnog". Enjoy!

16 calories
Aftershock Submitted by: JostLori

Another Drambuie recipe! Found on a traditional scottish recipe website.

Agua Menta Naranja
43 calories
Agua Menta Naranja Submitted by: dienia b

Chris I think you could get gallons of water and add stuff

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Alkaline Balance drink
190 calories
Almond Iced Coffee
442 calories
Almond Iced Coffee Submitted by: ImPat

From one of our national supermarkets, posted for You Want What!? A Recipe Posting Game 2016. Please note that I have not included the 2 hour soaking time for the almonds in the prep time.

Almond Soy Milk
46 calories
Almond Soy Milk Submitted by: missmanda

I got so tired of buying packaged almond milk, since its so expensive (around $3.50 for a half gallon) and since it has so many unidentifiable ingredients, so I recently ordered a Soya Joy soy milk maker. For around 65 cents for a...

Almost Heaven
135 calories
Almost Heaven Submitted by: lazyme

From drinkmixerdotcom

Amaretto Coffee
37 calories
Amaretto Coffee Submitted by: Puppitypup

Delicious! This had the added benefit of curing my cough last night. Prep time doesn't include making the coffee. Adapted from Mama's Kitchen on fooddotcom.

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Amaretto Liqueur
9 calories
Amaretto Liqueur Submitted by: FrenchBunny

Another drink recipe my friend gave me over 30 years ago and I still use it. This recipe requires Alcool which is a 40% alcohol, this is easy to find in Quebec but not sure about the States carrying 40% pure alcohol. This is a nice...