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Easy Black Beans Coconut Curry
1077 calories
Easy Black Beans Coconut Curry Submitted by: ForeverMama

This Indian dish is done lickety-split and it results in a tasty meal.

Chicken Jalfrezi
389 calories
Chicken Jalfrezi Submitted by: ForeverMama

There’s nothing like a specially-spiced, perfectly-pitched curry for your dinner. Here in this recipe home-made curry matches chicken that celebrate that flavors of India.

Bhutanese Curry Of Fish & Oranges
385 calories
Bhutanese Curry Of Fish & Oranges Submitted by: ForeverMama

Bhutan is a paradise for fishermen with the rivers and streams abundant with fish – especially trout – and shellfish. But what to do with all that fish? Below is one recipe for Fish and Mandarin Orange Curry. It is authentic Bhutanese,...

Monkfish Curry
273 calories
Monkfish Curry Submitted by: ForeverMama

This curry has gentle heat from chilli, turmeric, ginger and mustard seeds, balanced out with a little creamy coconut milk. Serve with some fluffy rice for the perfect meal.

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Curried Pea Samosas
286 calories
Curried Pea Samosas Submitted by: ImPat

From Recipe + March '17. Yield is 24 somas as, 6 serves = 4 per person.

Balinese Chicken Curry
333 calories
Balinese Chicken Curry Submitted by: ImPat

From our Sunday newspaper The Sunday Times.

Sweet Potato, Kale & Chickpea Curry
517 calories
Sweet Potato, Kale & Chickpea Curry Submitted by: ImPat

From one of our Sunday newspapers The Sunday Times. Times are estimated. They recommend the dish will keep in a covered container in the fridge for three days or in the freezer for up to three months but add the kale when reheating...

Creamy Chicken Tikka Masala
391 calories
Creamy Chicken Tikka Masala Submitted by: ImPat

From one of our national supermarkets free monthly magazine March '17. Marination time not in the times - allow minimum of 2 hours or overnight better.

Curried Chicken Sandwich
498 calories
Curried Chicken Sandwich Submitted by: MsPia

Plan ahead. You need to chill the chicken in the brine at least 4 hours.Of over night.

Pea & Potato Curry
240 calories
Pea & Potato Curry Submitted by: MsPia

Nice side dish for chicken.

Medium Heat Curry Powder
6 calories
Medium Heat Curry Powder Submitted by: QueenBea

I have been doing a lot of Indian cooking lately and using a lot of curry powder. I decided to try and make my own because I use so much of it. This is what I came up with and we really enjoy this seasoning blend. Use it as you would...

Curry Trout
399 calories
Curry Trout Submitted by: QueenBea

This is great way to enjoy trout, the curry masks the fishy taste perfectly and the butter makes it so moist and juicy. Use you favorite curry powder; mild, medium or hot area all great with this type of fish.

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Scallops In Sour Cream With Mushrooms
278 calories
Scallops In Sour Cream With Mushrooms Submitted by: Tisme

I very rarely post a recipe that I have not made. But I am posting this for "You want a recipe - Game". I have a very old family cookbook that I have dug out from the depths of the cupboard and am posting this for a request in the...

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Prawn Curry
388 calories
Prawn Curry Submitted by: ImPat

From one of our national supermarkets monthly magazines Jan/Feb' '17. If peeling and deveined yourself allow an extra 30 to 45 minutes prep time.

Curried Vegetable Patties
339 calories
Curried Vegetable Patties Submitted by: ImPat

From Recipes+ Oct.'16. Have not included chill time in the times.

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Indonesian Curried Cabbage
681 calories
Indonesian Curried Cabbage Submitted by: JoanWagnerTeller

For a less spicy version, cut down on the curry powder. Serve over hot boiled rice.

Lamb Curry
451 calories
Lamb Curry Submitted by: JoanWagnerTeller

I've made this recipe many times and it's always been popular. The spiciness can be varied by using more or less curry powder. Possible condiments to serve on the side include sliced bananas, shredded coconut, toasted...

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Pork Curry (Very Spicy)
979 calories
Pork Curry (Very Spicy) Submitted by: Cassie.MO

If you a fan of curry and love spicy food then this one is for you!

Bean Thai Fish Cakes
141 calories
Bean Thai Fish Cakes Submitted by: ImPat

From Recipes+ magazine September '16.

Sri Lankan Seafood Curry Pie
1583 calories
Sri Lankan Seafood Curry Pie Submitted by: ImPat

I seafood and curry so this recipe from Taste magazine August '16 seemed to have my name written all over it. NOTE - our pastry sheets are approximately 23cm square.

Yellow Curry Paste (Kroeung)
249 calories
Yellow Curry Paste (Kroeung) Submitted by: ellie

Will keep in the fridge for up to one month. Makes 1 1/4 cups. Recipe source: Saveur (December 2015) Most of the ingredients that are hard to find will be in a well-stocked Asian grocery store.