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Crunchy Asian Colslaw
141 calories
Crunchy Asian Colslaw Submitted by: Kittencal

This is really good, next time I make it I am added in some tofu, ingredients can be adjusted I have listed amounts that I used, cilantro is a nice addition. Recipe adapted from Food network

Vietnamese Cold Chicken Salad (Goi Ga)
231 calories
Vietnamese Cold Chicken Salad (Goi Ga) Submitted by: Kasey

A nice tasty lower fat salad

Make Ahead Layered Salad
185 calories
Make Ahead Layered Salad Submitted by: breezermom

This recipe can be made quickly by using pre-chopped vegetables and pre-cooked eggs. You can also make it a day ahead of time, storing it in the refrigerator.

Basic Carrot Salad
190 calories
Basic Carrot Salad Submitted by: Bergy

This recipe is from Simple Recipes. It is simple but also darn good.

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Warm Kale With Beets & Ginger
266 calories
Warm Kale With Beets & Ginger Submitted by: Luvcookn

This recipe came by way of the cookbook "Fifty Shades of Kale". Love this book! Happy I own it! Nutritional info: 223 cal, 6g protein, 30g carbohydrates, 10g fat (2 sat), 7g cholesterol, 3g fiber, 115mg sodium.

Lazy Blue Pear Salad
100 calories
Lazy Blue Pear Salad Submitted by: Linky

OK, the pears aren't really blue! I tweaked a couple recipes and simplified them and cut out extra calories.

Contest-Winning Holiday Tossed Salad
115 calories
Contest-Winning Holiday Tossed Salad Submitted by: twissis

This contest-winning Taste of Home Test Kitchen approved recipe w/its red & green-colored ingredients is perfect for Christmas meals. Dried cranberries & blue cheese make a great combo w/salad greens, apples, walnuts & a simple...

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Cherry & Sunflower Seed Kale Salad
109 calories
Cherry & Sunflower Seed Kale Salad Submitted by: breezermom

Quick but yummy salad.

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Garden Kale Salad
88 calories
Garden Kale Salad Submitted by: breezermom

Kale salad full of goodness from the garden!

Apple & Cheddar Kale Salad
118 calories
Apple & Cheddar Kale Salad Submitted by: breezermom

Salad using the superfood kale.

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Snap Pea Salad With Mustard Dressing
580 calories
Snap Pea Salad With Mustard Dressing Submitted by: Tisme

I had peas and snap peas in my garden and could not find a decent recipe for a salad. After looking at a few recipes I devised this from a Gordon Ramsay bean salad recipe. Bean and Snow peas could also be used.... I used cashews to...

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Grapefruit & Hearts Of Palm Salad
526 calories
Grapefruit & Hearts Of Palm Salad Submitted by: breezermom

Fresh, bright salad with lots of textures. You can substitute artichoke hearts for hearts of palm if you prefer.

Fresh Orange Salad
68 calories
Fresh Orange Salad Submitted by: breezermom

Nice fresh, bright salad from Cooking Light.

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Slow-Roasted Balsamic Cherry Tomatoes
74 calories
Slow-Roasted Balsamic Cherry Tomatoes Submitted by: Tisme

Another great recipe from the fruit market. These are wonderful, served hot or cold. Especially delicious made with fresh cherry tomatoes from the garden. Serve over pasta, on toast or serve cold added to a salad. We love these.

Cucumber Salad (Healthy)
18 calories
Cucumber Salad (Healthy) Submitted by: Tisme

This a lovely refreshing salad for a warm summers night. Make a lovely side to almost anything. This goes especially well with fish. Dill can be added instead of chives if preferred. NOTE: The flavours of this dressing are to my liking...

Pea Salad (WW)
115 calories
Pea Salad (WW) Submitted by: ellie

3 smart points/serving Recipe source: WW The Little Big Book of Fruits and Vegetables

Grilled Japanese Eggplant Salad
117 calories
Grilled Japanese Eggplant Salad Submitted by: ForeverMama

Given in this recipe is a great combination of flavors that punch out the natural eggplant flavor. The eggplant can either be roasted until very dark or charred over a charcoal grill. Either way the eggplant will impart a deep, dark,...

Cucumber Salad With Lime Vinaigrette
89 calories
Cucumber Salad With Lime Vinaigrette Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of our local Fred Meyer magazine called "My Magazine". This needs to marinate for at least 1 hour.

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Cucumber, Beet & Radish Salad
412 calories
Cucumber, Beet & Radish Salad Submitted by: Kchurchill5

This is such a great fresh salad; but, it is also really pretty - so, it's perfect to entertain with. Simply layered on a platter of baby lettuce, topped with thin sliced red onions; and lightly dressed. Just a few ingredients make...

Fall Brussels Sprouts & Apple Slaw
356 calories
Fall Brussels Sprouts & Apple Slaw Submitted by: Kchurchill5

A perfect Fall slaw; delicious and very easy to put together. Now, I used my food processor to shred the vegetables and fruit; but, you can use any other type of grater/chopper, or even cut them by hand. This was based off of a NY...

Apple Salad With Mustard Dressing
83 calories
Apple Salad With Mustard Dressing Submitted by: breezermom

I like to dice my apple so my salad is easier to eat, but thinly slicing the apple makes for a better presentation!