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Fluffy Turnips
94 calories
Fluffy Turnips Submitted by: Gerry

I think turnips are one of the vegetables you either love or hate, we love them. This recipe comes from a community cookbook and one we really enjoy and is special enough for company meals. Makes for great presentation.

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Creamy Leek & Turnip Soup
186 calories
Butternut & Turnip Soup
145 calories
Butternut & Turnip Soup Submitted by: Puppitypup

Okay, before you turn up your nose, just hear me out :) Butternut soup always tastes a little too sweet for me, so today I tried adding a turnip. That turnip was the perfect complement, and now my soup tastes just right. For me at...

Cabbage With White Beans,Turnip & Pecorino
261 calories
Cabbage With White Beans,Turnip & Pecorino Submitted by: breezermom

With the beans, this dish could be a vegetarian entree, but works really well as a side to pork or chicken. Great fall side dish. Serves 4 as a side.

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Swede Casserole
154 calories
Swede Casserole Submitted by: Tisme

My wonderful Mother gave me some cookbooks at Christmas many, many years ago. At the time, I was not really interested, but a few years later, this recipe was in one of those Christmas cookbooks that I would never separate with. Who...

Fluffy Mashed Potatoes With Turnip & Leek
232 calories
Fluffy Mashed Potatoes With Turnip & Leek Submitted by: breezermom

A little twist on the basic mashed potato. Personally I love the addition of the turnip!

Whipped Turnips With Bacon & Caraway
920 calories
Whipped Turnips With Bacon & Caraway Submitted by: ForeverMama

This side dish makes for a delightful accompaniment to any Holiday table. It especially goes well with a Thanksgiving or Christmas menu or anytime of year to be served with poultry/beef for an enjoyable and memorable Sunday night...

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Baked Turnips, Hungarian
129 calories
Baked Turnips, Hungarian Submitted by: dienia b

If you wish this to be gluten free just use gluten free crumbs. Serve with duck or goose is what they said

Glazed Turnips
101 calories
Glazed Turnips Submitted by: dienia b

This uses already boiled turnips

Elvis Presley's Creamed Sweet Turnips
104 calories
Roasted Garlic Mashed Turnips
206 calories
Roasted Garlic Mashed Turnips Submitted by: ahmafor3

Recipe posted in Aly's blog - Grass Fed Kitchen. These turnips sound like a wonderful substitute for mashed potatoes when eating a healthier diet. Gotta love the roasted garlic too!

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Green Beans With Turnips
108 calories
Green Beans With Turnips Submitted by: ellie

Recipe source:From the Farmers' Market cookbook

Cider-Glazed Root Vegetables
219 calories
Cider-Glazed Root Vegetables Submitted by: Mikekey

Great side dish for the holiday table. You can change up the vegies (i.e. parsnip, sweet potato) but you should have 4 cups of prepared vegetables, total.

Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Turnips
195 calories
Garlic Mashed Potatoes & Turnips Submitted by: Mikekey

From an old BBS cooking site.

Viking Turnips With Field Peas & Bacon
371 calories
Viking Turnips With Field Peas & Bacon Submitted by: dienia b

Field peas, 1 lb field peas which looked a little like lentils, cooked 20 minutes, drained was what recipe called for, I'm using canned, their bacon was hammier so I think you could sub ham, their turnips were swedes or rutabaga....

Creamed Turnips
307 calories
Creamed Turnips Submitted by: dienia b

In Nebraska, vegetables have Velveeta on them. Here is the turnip version.

Traditiona Lakota Buffalo Stew Native American Slow Cooker
173 calories
Turkey Turnip Soup Native American
103 calories
Turkey Turnip Soup Native American Submitted by: dienia b

this is a delicate sweetish soup that tastes wonderful season to your liking

Fall Vegetable Hash
185 calories
Fall Vegetable Hash Submitted by: breezermom

I love this recipe because you can substitute any root vegetable for the potatoes and turnips....whatever you have handy. Also love it because it includes one of my favorites, brussels sprouts!

Mashed Carrot/Rutabaga
78 calories
Mashed Carrot/Rutabaga Submitted by: Nana Lee

This is a dish I used to make only at Thanksgiving. I loved it so much that I began making a ton of it and freezing the rest in serving sizes! If you don't like turnip/rutabaga, try this way.

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King Victor Emmanuel's Salad Tricolore
420 calories
King Victor Emmanuel's Salad Tricolore Submitted by: dienia b

As history tells us, a brilliant green, red, and white salad honoring Italian king Victor Emmanuel II and celebrating the Italian tricolor was created by a Paris restaurateur during the Second Empire.Following the second French Empire...