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Chicken Noodle Casserole
301 calories
Chicken Noodle Casserole Submitted by: Axe

Comfort food at it's most comfortable. Ridiculously easy to make.

Roast Duck With Orange Sauce
2213 calories
Roast Duck With Orange Sauce Submitted by: Gerry

Roast duck is a classic meal and one grandson and I prepare and enjoy over the Christmas holidays. We love the amazingly rich flavor and amazed at how easy it is to cook. A medley of roasted vegetables such as carrots, parsnips, celery...

Korean Style Short Ribs With Chile Scallion Rice
569 calories
Korean Style Short Ribs With Chile Scallion Rice Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of the Dec 2017 Cooking Light...It says that the beef short ribs become tender in the slow cooker as the cooking liquid reduces to a sauce. Kimchi (Korean fermented cabbage) adds heat and a hint of tang to the dish. A...

Lacy Potato Latkes
103 calories
Lacy Potato Latkes Submitted by: Gerry

Growing up we knew them as potato pancakes, this Latke recipe is similar to one we made years back and one in Chatelaine as well as a latke recipe featured on a local cooking show. At our house we seem to have a new tradition in the...

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Roast Chicken With Sage & Garlic
759 calories
Roast Chicken With Sage & Garlic Submitted by: ForeverMama

Presented here in this recipe is a homey rendition of chicken that is flavored with parsley, lemon, sage, and garlic. It's comfort food at its best.

Spicy Apricot Lamb Shanks
1356 calories
Spicy Apricot Lamb Shanks Submitted by: ImPat

From a 4 wheel drive book that the DH buys. Times are estimated.

Chicken Marsala -Crockpot
534 calories
Chicken Marsala -Crockpot Submitted by: QueenBea

This tasty dish is one we enjoy often. Make sure you are using a good quality broth; this makes a BIG difference in the taste of the chicken. This can easily be made gluten free by using you favourite gluten free all-purpose flour...

Orange Sauce For Ham Steak
227 calories
Orange Sauce For Ham Steak Submitted by: Bergy

This is such an easy recipe that really dresses up your Ham steak. Use whatever mustard you prefer. The cook time is after the sauce is on the already browned ham steak. I found the recipe in Taste of Home magazine by Connie Moore

Porcini & Stuffing Strata
434 calories
Porcini & Stuffing Strata Submitted by: ellie

To use up leftover stuffing. Recipe source: Bon Appetit (November 2005).

Ham & Cheese Casserole
458 calories
Steamed Harvest Bread (A Way To Use Up Leftover Fruits & Vegetables)
192 calories
Steamed Harvest Bread (A Way To Use Up Leftover Fruits &... Submitted by: ellie

Recipe source: Sift (Fall 2015) This uses leftover winter fruits and vegetables -- what you have on hand Makes 2 loaves

1878 Stew
314 calories
1878 Stew Submitted by: dienia b

Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts
300 calories
Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts Submitted by: QueenBea

This healthy recipe is quick and easy and makes for a perfect side dish.

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Spinach -  French Creamed Spinach
106 calories
Spinach - French Creamed Spinach Submitted by: Gerry

Creamed spinach as made by my grandmother makes for one of my favorite childhood memories, imagine my surprise to find a similar recipe in the French section of one of my favorite Community Cookbooks printed back in 1974. My grandma...

Lamb Ribs With Chipotle Malt Reduction
1045 calories
Lamb Ribs With Chipotle Malt Reduction Submitted by: JostLori

Malta is a sweet, molasses-tasting drink that's common to the Caribbean islands of Cuba and the DR. Used here, it gives the spicy chipotles a depth of sweetness that stands up well to the lamb. You can also use pork ribs, but the...

Root Beer Braised Lamb Shanks
1002 calories
Root Beer Braised Lamb Shanks Submitted by: JostLori

Root Beer. Lamb Shanks. Need I say more? Well, ok - the sugary soda makes the cooking liquid sweeter and more intense. Doesn't get better than that!

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Grandmas Potato & Ham Au Gratin
263 calories
Grandmas Potato & Ham Au Gratin Submitted by: dienia b

This is how my grandma made this

Old Fashioned Turkey Dressing
504 calories
Old Fashioned Turkey Dressing Submitted by: Gerry

At our house we roast many the turkey over the year, this is an old-fashioned family recipe we love and one we often make to add variety to our turkey dinners.

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Fluffy Turnips
94 calories
Fluffy Turnips Submitted by: Gerry

I think turnips are one of the vegetables you either love or hate, we love them. This recipe comes from a community cookbook and one we really enjoy and is special enough for company meals. Makes for great presentation.

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Chantilly Potatoes
286 calories
Chantilly Potatoes Submitted by: Gerry

An easy potato dish from a neighboring community cookbook that is super easy to make, great tasting and sees to recipe requests. Bake in oven or on the barbecue.

Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder
951 calories
Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder Submitted by: Tisme

I have no idea where this recipe came from, but I found written in an old book years ago. I thought I would look it up before posting, and I have just noticed that nearly exact same recipe on a T.A.F.E. (N.S.W.) site. I have not cooked...