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Crock Pot Hamburger Stew
496 calories
Crock Pot Hamburger Stew Submitted by: Chef shapeweaver

I recently got a WONDERFUL deal on some ground beef and wanted a stew. I looked through quite a few recipes and couldn't find anything that struck my fancy. So, with the ingredients on hand I created this.As with all my...

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Chilled Blueberry Soup
109 calories
Chilled Blueberry Soup Submitted by: TeresaS

This would make a great summer treat. It's out of the Costco magazine called "Fabulous Food"

Green Turnip Soup With Kielbasa
449 calories
Green Turnip Soup With Kielbasa Submitted by: ForeverMama

This soup is comforting and ever so good especially on a cold day! One of our favorites.

Tomato & Bean Soup
189 calories
Tomato & Bean Soup Submitted by: ImPat

From Recipe+ Nov.'16

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381 calories
Tsimmes Submitted by: JoanWagnerTeller

This traditional Jewish dish is often served at Rosh Hashanah. Chunks of beef brisket are often added.

Cream Of Mushroom Soup
203 calories
Cream Of Mushroom Soup Submitted by: Puppitypup

Not a pretty soup, but it tastes good. If anyone has an idea how to make it visually more appealing, please let me know.

Cauliflower Soup
120 calories
Cauliflower Soup Submitted by: Puppitypup

The original recipe, from Taste of Home, included cheddar cheese. But we had a taste test last night, with the following results: 3 liked it best without the cheese, 2 liked it with cheese and 1 was too diplomatic to cast a vote :) ...

Butternut & Turnip Soup
145 calories
Butternut & Turnip Soup Submitted by: Puppitypup

Okay, before you turn up your nose, just hear me out :) Butternut soup always tastes a little too sweet for me, so today I tried adding a turnip. That turnip was the perfect complement, and now my soup tastes just right. For me at...

Lentil & Sweet Potato Soup
257 calories
Lentil & Sweet Potato Soup Submitted by: JostLori

Lentils make this a hearty vegan soup. Use this as a base for your imagination - whether it be vegan, vegetarian, or meat-filled!

Tomato & Bell Pepper Soup
305 calories
Tomato & Bell Pepper Soup Submitted by: celticevergreen

This is a great soup for when the tomatoes are really ripe and you need something to make. Uses leftover chicken.

Ain't Nothin Betta Potato Leek Soup
422 calories
Ain't Nothin Betta Potato Leek Soup Submitted by: ForeverMama

Basic, but wonderful. Source: Betty Groff's Pennsylvania Dutch Cookbook

Pasulj Čorba (Hearty Bean & Sausage Soup)  Czech Serbia
427 calories
Pasulj Čorba (Hearty Bean & Sausage Soup) Czech Serbia Submitted by: dienia b

They used thick bacon and cut in cubes

Libbie's Czech Pork Butt & White Bean Soup
512 calories
Libbie's Czech Pork Butt & White Bean Soup Submitted by: dienia b

this is how libbie wostrel made her beans and pork roast

Quick & Easy Tomato Soup
137 calories
Quick & Easy Tomato Soup Submitted by: lovinretirement

I always keep a 46 ounce can of tomato juice on hand for this soup. Great with grilled cheese for a cold wintery day.

Chicken With Pumpkin & Mushrooms
599 calories
Chicken With Pumpkin & Mushrooms Submitted by: dienia b

This was translated from Czech so just do a standard stew chicken breast in a sauce of pumpkin and mushrooms

Minestrone With Spelt Pasta
827 calories
Minestrone With Spelt Pasta Submitted by: ImPat

From Recipes + September '16.

Beef & Barley Soup
320 calories
Beef & Barley Soup Submitted by: dienia b

This hearty soup is a favorite recipe from Mrs Hubert Humphrey, wife of the former Vice President.

Muriel Humphrey's Beef Soup
369 calories
Favorite Tortilla Soup
668 calories
Favorite Tortilla Soup Submitted by: ForeverMama

It's Emeril's favorite tortilla soup.

Potato Green Chili Soup
168 calories
Potato Green Chili Soup Submitted by: carolinerenee

Here in Silverton a local restaurant makes a delicious soup called Cream of Green Chili soup. I was trying to figure out how to make this at home and after several attempts, I just never was able to duplicate it. However, taking the...

Secret Ingredient Clam Chowder
522 calories
Secret Ingredient Clam Chowder Submitted by: JostLori

A clam chowder recipe with an unusual ingredient, from Real Simple! Instead of seafood stock, the soup gets its rich flavor from dried shrimp. You can find them in the international aisle of the supermarket, or any Asian or Hispanic...