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Cacao Banana Smoothie Bowl
745 calories
Cacao Banana Smoothie Bowl Submitted by: ImPat

From one of our national supermarkets monthly magazine June '17.

Banana & Almond Smoothie
451 calories
Banana & Almond Smoothie Submitted by: ImPat

From the monthly magazine of one of our national supermarkets June '17.

Ginger Apple Pear Smoothie
377 calories
Ginger Apple Pear Smoothie Submitted by: JostLori

I don't do paleo, but this recipe from a paleo cookbook just sounds darned good!

Exotic Fruit Frappe
696 calories
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Kiwi Protein Smoothie
358 calories
Kiwi Protein Smoothie Submitted by: QueenBea

This great tasting smoothie is a great way to start your day. The protein will keep you full for a while.

Breakfast Smoothie
624 calories
Blueberry Brain Freeze
144 calories
Blueberry Brain Freeze Submitted by: Fizzybrat

Tasty blueberry smoothie sweetened with honey.

Protein Rich Strawberry-Banana Cheesecake Smoothie
638 calories
Protein Rich Strawberry-Banana Cheesecake Smoothie Submitted by: twissis

Siggi & I are really into smoothies these days & luckily so is NoblePigdotcom. This one was created by Cathy Pollak for the NP site. You just cannot beat an easy-fix smoothie that awakens your taste buds in the morning, so give this a...

Spiced Chai Tea Smoothie
353 calories
Lemon Strawberry Smoothie
458 calories
Lemon Strawberry Smoothie Submitted by: Fizzybrat

This is a wonderful smoothie for anytime. I like to make it for breakfasts.

Peach Dream
359 calories
Mango Lassi
239 calories
Blackberry Smoothie
872 calories
Easy Mango Smoothie (CQ #4 - India)
383 calories
Easy Mango Smoothie (CQ #4 - India) Submitted by: twissis

Found @ showmetheyummydotcom & entered here for play in CQ #4 - Himalayas Region - I esp like smoothies & mangoes, so this combo recipe was a happy find that I amended slightly & hope you'll try. It's not just tasty, but also...

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300 calories
Cider Smoothie
449 calories
Banana Strawberry Shake
582 calories
Fresco de Frutas (Costa Rican Fruit Drink)
121 calories
Fresco de Frutas (Costa Rican Fruit Drink) Submitted by: JostLori

Fresco is a pretty generic term in Costa Rica for any fruit blended with water, simple syrup, and ice. Most common is watermelon, papaya, guanabana, and mango. This version has a sangria vibe going on, as it incorporates other diced...

Orange Immunity Booster Smoothie
294 calories
Orange Immunity Booster Smoothie Submitted by: QueenBea

This tasty smoothie is perfect for breakfast or a snack in between meals. It is a recipe from my naturopath. If you don’t have pumpkin puree you can switch it up with cooked sweet potatoes.

Green Peanut butter Smoothie
214 calories
Green Peanut butter Smoothie Submitted by: ellie

Recipe source: Bon Appetit (February 2014)

Spiced Pumpkin Smoothie
150 calories
Spiced Pumpkin Smoothie Submitted by: twissis

Continuing w/my realsimpledotcom pumpkin recipe binge & proving that you can both start & end your day w/the goodness of pumpkin plus just a tiny amt of time & energy. ENJOY!