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Upland Stir Fry
407 calories
Upland Stir Fry Submitted by: Chocolatll `RIP`Forever in our kitchen

Any upland game bird (such as grouse or quail) may be substituted for the pheasant. Adapted from Dressing and Cooking Wild Game. Serve over rice.

Scots Pheasant
521 calories
Scots Pheasant Submitted by: Chocolatll `RIP`Forever in our kitchen

Adapted from A Feast of Scotland. Cox's Orange Pippin apples are crisp and sweet, with a complex flavor. If you can't find them, any crisp, sweet apple will do.

Pheasant Braised in Rosemary & Fruit Juice
474 calories
Pheasant Braised in Rosemary & Fruit Juice Submitted by: lazyme

This recipe is from Robert Buller (Owner, Dressed to Go Poultry). Pheasant is all lean, dark meat with rich flavor. It's good for today's health-conscious diets, but cooking it properly without drying it out can be a...

Karen's Crockpot Pheasant
868 calories
Karen's Crockpot Pheasant Submitted by: lazyme

I have no idea who Karen is but sounds like she has a tasty recipe. From Mads Recipes.

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Pheasant Stroganoff
675 calories
Pheasant Stroganoff Submitted by: lazyme

From Hunters Information.

Pheasant Kathleen Salad
1138 calories
Pheasant Kathleen Salad Submitted by: lazyme

From Wild Game Cooking Made Easy by John Schumacher.

Pot Roasted Pheasant
573 calories
Pot Roasted Pheasant Submitted by: ImPat

This recipe is from Maggie Beer (the cook) in the ABC series the Chef and the Cook and posted for someone requesting pheasant recipes in food friend and fun. Times are estimated.