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Honey-Pecan Tart With Bittersweet Chocolate Drizzle
210 calories
Honey-Pecan Tart With Bittersweet Chocolate Drizzle Submitted by: breezermom

This recipe is for tarts, but you can use a traditional 9" pie pan. If so, you will need to bake an additional 3 to 5 minutes.

Blueberry Pecan Crumb Cake
421 calories
Blueberry Pecan Crumb Cake Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of my Gourmet's Weekend cookbook.

Caramel Apple Cheesecake
524 calories
Caramel Apple Cheesecake Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of a Costco magazine called "Fabulous Food". Cook time does not include refrigerating time...

Cheesy Fruit 'n' Nut Spread
90 calories
Cheesy Fruit 'n' Nut Spread Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of the 1988 Discovery Elementary yearly may substitute orange juice for the brandy...cook time is chill time...

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USS Missouri Buttermilk Pie
660 calories
USS Missouri Buttermilk Pie Submitted by: dienia b

"The pie takes its name from battleship Missouri, where Master Chief Steward Harry Hightower served it to President Harry Truman. When president Trumanasked for recipe ,he was turned down

Apple & Pecan Crumble
381 calories
Apple & Pecan Crumble Submitted by: Tisme

Not very often do I post a recipe I have not tried or tasted myself. Bu I am posting this recipe to try very soon ~ It came from The Sydney Vegetable and Fruit Market, and I am wanting to try it soon. I am posting this for You Want...

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Mocha Nut Tarts
108 calories
Mocha Nut Tarts Submitted by: breezermom

Tarts made in a mini-muffin pan! Full of coffee chocolate goodness. Prep time includes 1 hour of chilling time! Not active work time!

Brown Rice Pilaf With Pecans
187 calories
Brown Rice Pilaf With Pecans Submitted by: breezermom

Quick recipe that uses pre-cooked brown rice. Still full of flavor though.

Frozen Praline Pie
516 calories
Frozen Praline Pie Submitted by: breezermom

Frozen dessert for those hot summer months! Lots of the prep time is freezing time!

307 calories
Baklava Submitted by: breezermom

I got this recipe from the local Greek festival that is held here each year.

Rice & Pecan Casserole
327 calories
Rice & Pecan Casserole Submitted by: breezermom

Special side for a holiday or special dinner.

Pearl 's Pecan Sandies Cookies
124 calories
Praline Cookies
97 calories
The King & Prince Muffins
301 calories
Nutty Green Beans & Asparagus
114 calories
Nutty Green Beans & Asparagus Submitted by: dienia b

You could use bacon crumbled in this, but I'm going vegan for my niece

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Cherry Berry Fontina Chicken
583 calories
Cherry Berry Fontina Chicken Submitted by: ForeverMama

Perfect for a weeknight meal as it is quick to put together with great results. This recipe was given to me by my sister-in-law, but I've changed it to add more flavor elements.

Carrot & Pecan Cake
673 calories
Carrot & Pecan Cake Submitted by: ImPat

From Recipe+ feature of cakes in a mug. Please note they state they used a 800 watt oven at 50% and the microwave safe mug they used was 9cm high and 8cm (top measurement in diameter and was straight sided and had a 1 1/2 cup...

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Mississippi Praline Macaroons
122 calories
Mississippi Praline Macaroons Submitted by: dienia b

This is a favorite dessert [from Ann Grundfest Gerache, Vicksburg, Mississippi] served at community Passover seders sponsored by Vicksburg’s Congregation Anshe Chesed.chow hound

Hard-Boiled Egg Casserole Recipe
485 calories
Hard-Boiled Egg Casserole Recipe Submitted by: dienia b

From taste of home, can use ham instead of bacon if you wish

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Pumpkin Cranberry Nut Bread Mix In A Jar
358 calories
Pumpkin Cranberry Nut Bread Mix In A Jar Submitted by: Mikekey

If desired, place jar and can of pumpkin in a new 9 x 5-inch loaf pan lined with a new kitchen towel to protect pan, or include four small foil loaf pans for the smaller loaves. Great welcome to the neighborhood gift, or hostess gift...

Warm Banana, Chocolate & Pecan Bread Pudding
303 calories
Warm Banana, Chocolate & Pecan Bread Pudding Submitted by: Luvcookn

Lightened up version of bread pudding. It is lower in fat and contains multigrain bread.