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Bara Brith - Welsh Speckled Tea Bread
213 calories
Bara Brith - Welsh Speckled Tea Bread Submitted by: JostLori

This is not the traditional recipe for bara brith, meaning ‘speckled bread’ as the original recipe was based on an yeasted bread. However this version which is widely served, makes a beautifully moist cake as the dried fruit are soaked...

All Cheddar Taco Shells
159 calories
All Cheddar Taco Shells Submitted by: Kasey

These shells are all cheddar. You get four shells with 2 cups of cheese using 1/2 cup for each shell but you can make more

Pastel de Tres Leches (Cake Of Three Milks)
477 calories
Pastel de Tres Leches (Cake Of Three Milks) Submitted by: breezermom

This cake is believe to have originated in Nicaragua, and has become popular throughout Central America and is becoming more and more common in the United States. Soaking the cake in three kinds of milk gives it a rich, dense quality,...

Salsa Roja (Salvadorian Tomato Sauce)
225 calories
Salsa Roja (Salvadorian Tomato Sauce) Submitted by: breezermom

This Salvadorian tomato sauce is often served with pupusas and curtido. Easy to make, and not too spicy. Makes 2 cups

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Salmon Chowder
702 calories
Salmon Chowder Submitted by: breezermom

In Norway this delicious seafood chowder is made with Atlantic Salmon, but other types of salmon will work fine. Serve with crispy bread with herb butter and a nice salad and you have a meal!

Hearty Kale Salad With Tuna & Apple
758 calories
Hearty Kale Salad With Tuna & Apple Submitted by: QueenBea

This is a great tasting dairy free, nut free, gluten free, egg free, paleo salad I really enjoy. I got this recipe from my naturopathic Dr. while on an anti-inflammatory diet.

Blue Cheese, Grape, & Gem Lettuce Salad
296 calories
Blue Cheese, Grape, & Gem Lettuce Salad Submitted by: breezermom

Use whatever lettuces are in season for this salad, preferably some that are tender and buttery like gem lettuce or Bibb to offset the crunchy celery and acidic grapes. If you can find a good Danish blue cheese, like Kornblomst, use it...

Celery Root, Carrot, & Potato Gratin
469 calories
Celery Root, Carrot, & Potato Gratin Submitted by: breezermom

Potatoes, carrots, and celery root are seasoned with thyme and fresh bay leaves and then simmered in cream before getting baked under a layer of bubbling Gruyère and bread crumbs.

No-Bake Ombre Blackberry Cheesecakes
474 calories
No-Bake Ombre Blackberry Cheesecakes Submitted by: TeresaS

Wow friends and family with how good these mini cheesecakes look and taste. No need to heat up the oven or wait a long time for these cheesecakes. Simply assemble and enjoy! From our local grocery store flyer.

Cold Soba Noodles With Summer Veggies
330 calories
Cold Soba Noodles With Summer Veggies Submitted by: TeresaS

This is from our local grocery store flyer. Consider the ingredients list a guide, letting your creativity run wild.

Cilantro-Lime Chicken Kabobs
332 calories
Cilantro-Lime Chicken Kabobs Submitted by: TeresaS

These simple kabobs are fast and easy to toss together on any weeknight. This is from our local grocery store flyer.

119 calories
Mozartkugel Submitted by: Linky

A sweet treat from Austria - Mozart Spheres... A lot of work, but worth it!

Deviled Beef Short Ribs
1304 calories
Deviled Beef Short Ribs Submitted by: TeresaS

This is from cooks country magazine April/May 2014.(For a milder sauce, use only one jalapeno and discard the seeds).

Moosbeenidei (Austrian Dumplings With Blueberries)
111 calories
Moosbeenidei (Austrian Dumplings With Blueberries) Submitted by: Mia in Germany

This is a typical sweet dish from the Pinzgau in Austria. Not exactly a dumpling as you know it, but it's called dumpling. I think maybe it does resemble a pikelet. The batter is unsweetened except for the blueberries, so you...

Jagerschnitzel - Pork schnitzel With Mushroom Red Wine Sauce
729 calories
Jagerschnitzel - Pork schnitzel With Mushroom Red Wine Sauce Submitted by: ForeverMama

This dish goes well with a good Austrian/German mustard, red cabbage, spatzle or potato dumplings. Add a good Austrian/German beer and it's a golden meal.

650 calories
Kasnudeln Submitted by: JostLori

Austrian noodle dumplings, from the Carinthia region. Note: Farmers cheese is expensive. A good substitution is small curd cottage cheese, drained overnight in a strainer lined with a coffee filter. Refrigerated, of course! For a...

Palatschinken - Austrian Pancakes
288 calories
Palatschinken - Austrian Pancakes Submitted by: JostLori

Palatschinken are the Austrian version of pancakes or what the French would refer to as Crêpes. They can be enjoyed in a variety of ways, whether with butter and maple syrup, filled with your choice of sweet or savoury fillings, or...

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Dutch Apple Bread
458 calories
Dutch Apple Bread Submitted by: ForeverMama

Simple recipe for classic Dutch Apple Bread with wonderful flavor and a pound-cake like texture. A lovely treat for breakfast or snack!

Tahini Honey Spread
100 calories
Tahini Honey Spread Submitted by: JostLori

A great change-up from the usual jam or Nutella. A sweet little spread from Turkey.

258 calories
Topfennockerl Submitted by: JostLori

An Austrian sweet that will knock your socks off. Easy to make, too! Serving size is just an estimate. From Who's Afraid of Butter blog.

Spicy Turkish Fish
865 calories
Spicy Turkish Fish Submitted by: ForeverMama

Spicy fish with lots of spices to make it interesting.