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NY Style Crumb Cakes (Vegan, Gluten-free)
225 calories
NY Style Crumb Cakes (Vegan, Gluten-free) Submitted by: JostLori

No one will ever guess that these little gems are (a) grain- gluten- egg- and dairy-free, and all-around good-for-you-food, as well as (b) that they are so easy to make. The batter could not be easier - coconut flour and chickpea flour...

Apple Brownies
227 calories
Apple Brownies Submitted by: JostLori

Another tasty little gem from MS Living, Oct 2012. Super easy to throw together, and absolutely divine with a scoop of vanilla or rum-raisin ice cream!

Fried Apples
237 calories
Fried Apples Submitted by: acerast

A family favorite that we often stir up to enjoy at our after-church-brunches. It also shows up on our fall dinner table as a wonderful side dish with roast pork or ham. The recipe calls for Granny Smiths but you may certainly choose...

Lemon-Ricotta Cookies
132 calories
Lemon-Ricotta Cookies Submitted by: lovinretirement

I had some leftover ricotta cheese that needed used up. Got this basic recipe from another website. These are soft, cakey-like cookies.

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Overnight Blueberry French Toast
704 calories
Overnight Blueberry French Toast Submitted by: SweetsnStuff

For the topping, you could just use a small can of blueberry pie filling instead

Buttermilk Pound Cake
597 calories
Apple Bourbon Pie
362 calories
Apple Bourbon Pie Submitted by: JostLori

From Southern Living, the filling, which can be made with any type of cooking apples, also includes bourbon-infused raisins, and chopped, toasted pecans. Unlike most apple pie recipes, this recipe calls for the apple slices to be...

Velvety Beet Cupcakes With Raspberry Icing
227 calories
Velvety Beet Cupcakes With Raspberry Icing Submitted by: JostLori

A favorite recipe from Chatelaine, but the recipe no longer shows up online. Saving here...

New England Farmhouse Apple Cider Doughnuts
906 calories
New England Farmhouse Apple Cider Doughnuts Submitted by: ForeverMama

This is a quintessential New England doughnut recipe. It makes use of our homegrown apples that are turned into cider and abundantly produced throughout New England. It is not time consuming as would be if it were made using a yeast...

Asian Chicken Thighs
721 calories
Asian Chicken Thighs Submitted by: Netgirl

Easy and kids love this chicken. You can bake it right away or marinate the chicken in the sauce for up to 24 hours before you bake it.

Poppy-Seed Crescent Rolls
262 calories
Poppy-Seed Crescent Rolls Submitted by: ellie

Recipe source: Bake from Scratch Magazine (Fall 2016)

Butter Tart Squares
198 calories
Butter Tarts
273 calories
Buttermilk Berry Muffins
289 calories
Brownie Cupcakes
402 calories
Brownie Cupcakes Submitted by: Fizzybrat

Rich chocolate cupcakes.

Broomstick Cake
629 calories
Broomstick Cake Submitted by: Fizzybrat

A great Halloween cake

Breakfast Smoothie
624 calories
Brain Cookies With Blood Glaze
230 calories
Brain Cookies With Blood Glaze Submitted by: Fizzybrat

A great Halloween cookie

Blueberry Brain Freeze
144 calories
Blueberry Brain Freeze Submitted by: Fizzybrat

Tasty blueberry smoothie sweetened with honey.

Honey Orange Glazed Carrots & Carmalized Onions
279 calories
Honey Orange Glazed Carrots & Carmalized Onions Submitted by: Gerry

I was so impressed with these glazed carrots and carmalized onions served over baked butternut squash that I assured getting the recipe. Great topping the Butternut squash but also makes a wonderful vegetable dish that has become a...

Pumpkin Pie Dip
644 calories
Pumpkin Pie Dip Submitted by: Fizzybrat

A great dip for fruits of cookies. Makes 4 cups