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Cheesy Potato Croquettes
477 calories
Cheesy Potato Croquettes Submitted by: Tisme

I had some left over mashed potato's and wanted to use them up, preferably without having to make a meal. I found this recipe on S.B.S. it is from a series "River Cottage Australia". Now I am not a fan of fried food, as a matter...

Ham Hock Stock
234 calories
Ham Hock Stock Submitted by: Tisme

A great stock that can be used for many recipes, soups, stews, pasta or casseroles. I found the basis of this recipe from a cookbook by Colin Fassnidge. I will also post a recipe of his "Ham Hock Parsnips" from the same book, which...

Sweet & Sour Irish Cabbage
162 calories
Sweet & Sour Irish Cabbage Submitted by: ForeverMama

Simple and comforting Mr. Food special

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Reuben Casserole
1283 calories
Reuben Casserole Submitted by: lovinretirement

This is really good to use up leftover corned beef, or you can use canned corned beef.

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Pub Sandwich With Irish Whiskey Slaw
821 calories
Irish Soda Bread
434 calories
Irish Soda Bread Submitted by: natsgarden123

Delicious recipe, from a community cookbook. Author is Mary Daly of Wantagh, NY. Original recipe says to use a loaf pan bit I use the bundt pan.

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Lamb Stew With Parsnip & Bacon
739 calories
Lamb Stew With Parsnip & Bacon Submitted by: Tisme

Australians love their lamb stew! I found this recipe in the paper called "Weekly Times". I adjusted the recipe and added a few more vegetables. If you find the stew is too thick (for your liking) you can add a little more stock...

Potato & Egg Salad, Irish
452 calories
Potato & Egg Salad, Irish Submitted by: dienia b

Im putting in smoked salmon slices that you can roll the salad in if you wish this was an amazing potato salad a meal in its self with the salmon

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Irish Sausage
417 calories
Irish Sausage Submitted by: Shadows1

From Stuffers website

St. Patrick's Day Fondue
297 calories
St. Patrick's Day Fondue Submitted by: ellie Category: Dairy

Recipe source: Bon Appetit (March 2006)

Irish Cream Mousse
191 calories
Irish Cream Mousse Submitted by: ImPat

Posting for St Patricks Day or even any day of the week for that matter. Recipe from one of our national supermarkets. Please note I have not included the 4 hour chilling time in the times.

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Kevin D's Arthurstown Fish Chowder
645 calories
Kevin D's Arthurstown Fish Chowder Submitted by: ForeverMama

I love chowders and I have the same fondness for fish and shellfish. So when chowder and fish are in the same room, you just know that I will be interested. So when I saw Kevin Dundon (Irish chef, filmed in Ireland) cook this on...

Vegan Irish Cream Liqueur
264 calories
Vegan Irish Cream Liqueur Submitted by: Mikekey

Serve over ice, or in coffee/hot chocolate. This uses the coconut milk found in the refrigerated section, not the canned kind. Keeps in refrigerator for up to two months. Yields 1.5 quart

Kick In The Rear Bloody Mary
381 calories
Kick In The Rear Bloody Mary Submitted by: Harv

This is not the traditional recipe for Bloody Marys. It is the culmination of tinkering over several years and has was acclaimed by many friends here in the USA and Canada as well as being enjoyed in the UK and Australia. I will mix...

Potato Salad Ballymaloe, Irish
280 calories
Orange Almond Scones
506 calories
Orange Almond Scones Submitted by: dienia b

By momaphet from the other place, how I make them

Celtic Apple Crumble With Irish Whiskey Cream Sauce
583 calories
Celtic Apple Crumble With Irish Whiskey Cream Sauce Submitted by: Mikekey

Recipe posted on Kerrygold website by Margaret Johnson, Irish food expert and cookbook author.

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Irish Cauliflower & Bacon Soup With Mustard Cheese Toasties
691 calories
Irish Fresh Tomato & Bean Soup
587 calories
Dublin Coddle
588 calories
Dublin Coddle Submitted by: Marramamba

This is a very popular dish, especially in Dublin, and has been so for many years. It is nourishing, tasty, economical and warming - what more could you ask? Although it is best made with a good stock - water in which a ham has been...

320 calories
Boxty Submitted by: Marramamba

Boxty on the griddle, boxty in the pan, If you can't make boxty, you'll never get your man

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