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Welsh Cawl - Jamie Oliver
253 calories
Welsh Cawl - Jamie Oliver Submitted by: JostLori

Cawl (pronounced cow-l, like towel in one syllable) is a thrifty traditional Welsh soup dish, dating back to the 14th Century. Recipes vary from kitchen to kitchen in Wales, and are often passed down through families. It is really very...

Cold Soba Noodles With Summer Veggies
330 calories
Cold Soba Noodles With Summer Veggies Submitted by: TeresaS

This is from our local grocery store flyer. Consider the ingredients list a guide, letting your creativity run wild.

Ye’Tikil Gomen Be’Karot
149 calories
Ye’Tikil Gomen Be’Karot Submitted by: JostLori

A mild cabbage, carrot and green bean stew.

Figs In Honey Syrup
438 calories
Figs In Honey Syrup Submitted by: JostLori

Summer is fig season, and there's no better use for an overabundance of figs than this classic Turkish recipe!

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Ethiopian Lentil Sambusas
633 calories
Ethiopian Lentil Sambusas Submitted by: ForeverMama

Given in this recipe is a lentil sambusa that is either fried or baked. It is to be enjoyed as a light lunch with a side salad or make a bunch for a starter or appetizer.

Accara - Ethiopian Black-Eyed Pea Fritters
403 calories
Accara - Ethiopian Black-Eyed Pea Fritters Submitted by: ForeverMama

Crisp, light-as-air fritters like these given here are a popular street snack throughout Ethiopia. They're usually accompanied by hot chile, tomato-based sauce.

Ethiopian Inspired Creamy Spiced Coconut Lentil Soup
428 calories
Turkish Tabbouleh
390 calories
Turkish Tabbouleh Submitted by: Linky

One of my favorite salads, this version is from a wholesome blog by Amy, who got it from a Turkish man at a food cart in Germany.

Potatoes With Pickled Beets & Lime Vinaigrette (ye’denich be’kaysir atakilt)
239 calories
Potatoes With Pickled Beets & Lime Vinaigrette (ye’denich... Submitted by: Linky

I'm looking for Ethiopian recipes that have ingredients and/or methods that are somewhat familiar to me. I make a beet salad with potatoes, so this appealed to me a lot! (I used golden beets - your choice of color!)

Millet Couscous With Buttermilk - Ethiopian
606 calories
Millet Couscous With Buttermilk - Ethiopian Submitted by: ForeverMama

Millet has been grown and eaten in Africa for thousands of years. This refreshing millet dessert-like-porridge would make a delicious healthy breakfast as well. Feel free to substitute a variety of other fruits for the mango.

Atkilt (Ethiopian Cabbage & Potato Dish)
337 calories
Atkilt (Ethiopian Cabbage & Potato Dish) Submitted by: ForeverMama

Tasty Ethiopian Side dish

Ethiopian Lentil Stew
470 calories
Ethiopian Lentil Stew Submitted by: ForeverMama

Ethiopian Lentil Stew -A healthy Vegan Ethiopian-spiced Stew with lentil. Laced with berbere spice and Niter kibbeh. Source: Immaculate Bites

Costa Rican Gallo Pinto (Traditional Dish Of Rice & Beans)
855 calories
Costa Rican Gallo Pinto (Traditional Dish Of Rice & Beans) Submitted by: ForeverMama

Here in this dish the Gallo pinto is the national dish of Costa Rica. The literal translation of gallo pinto is “spotted rooster.” The name refers to the appearance of the rice – spotted with black beans and bits of red pepper. Rice...

Artichoke, Asparagus & Mushroom Quinoa Risotto
488 calories
Artichoke, Asparagus & Mushroom Quinoa Risotto Submitted by: ellie

Recipe source: Bon Appetit (July 2008)

Kik Alicha (Ethiopian Split Pea Puree)
236 calories
Kik Alicha (Ethiopian Split Pea Puree) Submitted by: Linky

I enjoy the less spicy Ethiopian foods, this one, adapted by Deb from Olive Trees and Honey, fit the bill.

Ethiopian Lentil Salad
346 calories
Ethiopian Lentil Salad Submitted by: breezermom

This recipe is good on its on, or if you want to serve it with injera, mash the lentils a bit before mixing with the rest of the ingredients. This dish comes from Ethiopia.

Cabbage Dish With Root Vegetables
199 calories
Cabbage Dish With Root Vegetables Submitted by: breezermom

This is a dish from Ethiopia. I've never thought of combining potatoes with cabbage, but it seems they do that in Ethiopia. Always open to new ideas!

Austrian Bean Salad
175 calories
Austrian Bean Salad Submitted by: ForeverMama

Side dish from Bittersweet. The overnight soaking of the beans is not included in the total time section.

Turkish Red Lentil Soup
391 calories
Turkish Red Lentil Soup Submitted by: Mikekey

One of Turkey's most popular soups. Serve with a crusty bread.

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Baked Beans
366 calories
Baked Beans Submitted by: ellie

This recipe reminds me of hotdogs and beans with Boston brown bread we used to have for Saturday night suppers. I still have my mother's bean pot she used for making baked beans and she used a similar recipe to this one. Comfort...

Gallo Pinto
212 calories
Gallo Pinto Submitted by: Linky

My husband and I were on a tour of Costa Rica a few years ago and became well acquainted with Gallo Pinto - Costa Rica's version of beans and rice. Some of our fellow travelers complained that there were beans and rice at every...