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Pina Colada Pie
406 calories
Pina Colada Pie Submitted by: Fizzybrat

This is amazing! Very tasty

Homemade No-Churn Ice Cream With Your Choice Flavoring
1674 calories
Homemade No-Churn Ice Cream With Your Choice Flavoring Submitted by: ForeverMama

Made without an ice cream maker, this custard-base ice cream is frozen solid in a loaf pan, then churned until creamy in a food processor or blender. It's best scooped straight from the machine, when it has the satiny-chewy...

Mango Kulfi (Quick Version)
89 calories
Mango Kulfi (Quick Version) Submitted by: JostLori

Traditional kulfi is made by boiling milk to concentrate the milk solids, then freezing the base with flavorings such as fruit pulp, spices or nuts. Many times, Kulfi is compared to ice cream, but it's nothing like it, since it...

Lemon Snow
34 calories
Lemon Snow Submitted by: Fizzybrat

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Ribbon Sherbet Bombe
56 calories
Ribbon Sherbet Bombe Submitted by: Fizzybrat

A great frozen dessert. Times do not include chill time

Blueberry Maple Mousse
778 calories
Blueberry Maple Mousse Submitted by: Fizzybrat

Times do not include freezing time

Strawberry Ice Cream
2637 calories
Strawberry Ice Cream Submitted by: Fizzybrat

This is a wonderful ice cream. It has a nice strong flavor. Time does not include chill or freeze time. Makes 1 quart

Lemon Gelato Cups
31 calories
Lemon Gelato Cups Submitted by: Fizzybrat

these are very easy to make and can be made in advanced. I generally save the lemon halves when I make fresh lemonade and simply clean them out and freeze them till I need them.

Neapolitan Bombe
176 calories
Neapolitan Bombe Submitted by: Fizzybrat

This is a lovely, if a little time consuming dessert. It is hard to find raspberry sherbet here, so we use strawberry ice cream instead. I've kept the recipe as the original however.

Sweet Tea Popsicles
116 calories
Grasshopper Pie
265 calories
Grasshopper Pie Submitted by: Fizzybrat

This is very yummy and wonderful in the summer. It was a huge hit with friends.

Frozen Lemon Mousse
136 calories
Frozen Lemon Sherbet In Lemon Shells
163 calories
Frozen Lemon Sherbet In Lemon Shells Submitted by: Fizzybrat

These are wonderful. Light and tart, they are a great finish off to any meal. Especially nice in warm weather.

Frozen Chocolate Mousse
126 calories
Frozen Chocolate Mousse Submitted by: Fizzybrat

This is wonderful but very rich. I serve it with whipped cream. It's nice in small servings, molded with muffin liners, but also very pretty done in a gelatin mold.

Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream
3126 calories
Fresh Strawberry Ice Cream Submitted by: Fizzybrat

This is always a huge hit in the summertime. makes 1 quart

Blackberry Sorbet
337 calories
Birthday Cake Ice Cream
421 calories
B-52 Ice Cream Pie
329 calories
B-52 Ice Cream Pie Submitted by: Fizzybrat

This was a huge hit. Very very tasty!

Marzipan Ice-Cream
453 calories
Marzipan Ice-Cream Submitted by: Linky

I love marzipan. It originated in Turkey and made its way to Europe. There are many customs surrounding marzipan. The best custom is eating it!!! I couldn't resist this recipe from Love and Olive Oil Blog! Cook time includes chill...

Turmeric Ice Cream
185 calories
Turmeric Ice Cream Submitted by: JostLori

If any ice-cream can be described as "warm", then this is it! This creamy, golden ice-cream gets its "warmth" from the rich blend of turmeric, cinnamon, cardamom, and black pepper. What a great way to reap the benefits of turmeric’s...

Rum Raisin Ice Cream
202 calories
Rum Raisin Ice Cream Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of my Gourmet's Weekend cookbook. Cook time does not include chill time.