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Smokey BBQ Steak Sandwich
693 calories
Smokey BBQ Steak Sandwich Submitted by: ImPat

From Coles supermarket's monthly magazine Oct.'16. Times are estimated.

Jalapeno Cucumber Snack
362 calories
Jalapeno Cucumber Snack Submitted by: Bergy Category: Dairy

This is a simple Kraft recipe. Takes minutes, is healthy, and tastes good. Use whatever flat bread is your favorite. Spread the cheese & finish them just before serving so the crackers stay crisp

BLT Salad With Cucumber Dressing
753 calories
BLT Salad With Cucumber Dressing Submitted by: celticevergreen

Cut the calories by ditching the bread. We all love BLT sandwiches but this recipe allows you the pleasure of the BLT taste without the guilt.

Unbelievable Peas In Sour Cream
180 calories
Unbelievable Peas In Sour Cream Submitted by: ForeverMama

The name says it all! This recipe not only includes peas, but cucumber (or zucchini) make part of the ingredients. The option to make a homemade dressing (Cooked Dressing) also makes part of the ingredients which adds to the...

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Smoked Salmon Salad In Cucumber Cups
48 calories
Smoked Salmon Salad In Cucumber Cups Submitted by: breezermom Category: Fish

Party food! Served in a healthy cucumber cup for a cool, fresh taste. If you like things a little spicier use wasabi mayonnaise instead of regular. (1/2 cup mayo + 1 tablespoon wasabi paste) From Cooking Light

Sweet Ham & Cheese Biscuit Sliders With Mock Hollandaise
479 calories
Sweet Ham & Cheese Biscuit Sliders With Mock Hollandaise Submitted by: Kchurchill5

These are such simple 'quick' sandwiches to make. Served warm or cold - they are the perfect party food. They are also great to take on a picnic; or serve at a BBQ too. Obviously, you could make your own biscuits ... but, I...

Sarasota's Smoked Salmon Shooters
238 calories
Sarasota's Smoked Salmon Shooters Submitted by: Kchurchill5 Category: Fish

There are literally ' tons' of recipes for these on line; but, this is a really easy - elegant - and, delicious appetizer. And literally, it takes no time to put together. Now, for a group; simply get the plastic shot glasses...

Bean Thai Fish Cakes
141 calories
Bean Thai Fish Cakes Submitted by: ImPat

From Recipes+ magazine September '16.

Malaysian Satay
545 calories
Malaysian Satay Submitted by: ImPat

From Super Food Ideas September'16. Please note that 2 hours refrigeration time has not been included in times

Zesty Cream Cheese & Salmon On Rye
132 calories
Zesty Cream Cheese & Salmon On Rye Submitted by: ImPat

From the Australian Better Homes and Garden Diabetic Living September/October '16.

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Smoked Salmon & Avocado Starter
191 calories
Smoked Salmon & Avocado Starter Submitted by: ImPat Category: Fish

From our local paper the West Australian and their FRESH column. Times are estimated.

Cucumber Salad (Healthy)
18 calories
Cucumber Salad (Healthy) Submitted by: Tisme

This a lovely refreshing salad for a warm summers night. Make a lovely side to almost anything. This goes especially well with fish. Dill can be added instead of chives if preferred. NOTE: The flavours of this dressing are to my liking...

Cucumber Salad With Lime Vinaigrette
89 calories
Cucumber Salad With Lime Vinaigrette Submitted by: TeresaS

This is out of our local Fred Meyer magazine called "My Magazine". This needs to marinate for at least 1 hour.

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Cucumber, Beet & Radish Salad
412 calories
Cucumber, Beet & Radish Salad Submitted by: Kchurchill5

This is such a great fresh salad; but, it is also really pretty - so, it's perfect to entertain with. Simply layered on a platter of baby lettuce, topped with thin sliced red onions; and lightly dressed. Just a few ingredients...

Fried Cod & Dill Pickle Skewers
625 calories
Fried Cod & Dill Pickle Skewers Submitted by: Kchurchill5

These make absolutely delicious appetizers. I know, it may sound like an odd combination; but, trust me, they are delicious. I love fried pickles, love fried fish; and, love a tarter/remoulade sauce. So, the first time I tried this, I...

Korean Style Cucumber Salad
94 calories
Korean Style Cucumber Salad Submitted by: JostLori

This is a simple little banchan that's quick to prepare. You can adjust the chili flakes to your taste - making it more or less spicy. I like this served over hot steamed rice with seasoned bean sprouts, or as an accompaniment to...

Old Fashioned Bread & Butter Pickles (From My Family Cookbook)
754 calories
Old Fashioned Bread & Butter Pickles (From My Family... Submitted by: Gerry

A great tasting bread and butter pickle from my collection, another of our favorites. Note -for all pickle recipes shared from my family cookbook I do not process my pickles - make as we have been making them in our area for...

Crisp Bread & Butter Pickles
750 calories
Crisp Bread & Butter Pickles Submitted by: Gerry

One of our favorite bread and butter pickle recipes from my family cookbook.These can be made with peeled or unpeeled cucumbers. The unpeeled make for lovely crispy green slices, the peeled eye appealing yellow bread and butter slices....

Summer Wild Rice
492 calories
Summer Wild Rice Submitted by: breezermom

Cool rice dish for summer....full of flavor!

Curry Puffs
96 calories
Curry Puffs Submitted by: ImPat

From one of our national supermarkets and their monthly magazine.

Hot & Sour Cucumbers
195 calories
Hot & Sour Cucumbers Submitted by: TeresaS

This is our of a Food and Wine magazine dated May 2015. It's a Northern Chinese dish.