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Creole Black-Eyes & Rice
671 calories
Creole Black-Eyes & Rice Submitted by: breezermom

I have not had anything I don't love to eat from New Orleans or the vicinity thereof! 8 hours of prep time is pea soaking time!

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Creole Black Beans & Sausage
554 calories
Creole Black Beans & Sausage Submitted by: Linky

We have a lot of venison sausage in our freezer and somehow I've accumulated several bags of black beans. I love creole and cajun food, so came up with this! Of course, any type of smoked sausage will work! As will canned black...

Hot Smoked Creole Salmon With Mango/Lime Salsa
409 calories
Hot Smoked Creole Salmon With Mango/Lime Salsa Submitted by: ForeverMama

Smoked over an outdoor bbq grill by using soaked hickory chips and grilling over indirect heat (easier than it sounds) results in simply wonderful tasting salmon. Served with a Mango and Sesame Salsa that incorporates the vibrant...

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Creole Seasoning
15 calories
Creole Seasoning Submitted by: Linky

I needed Creole seasoning for a recipe, so I looked it up and found Emeril's recipe. Here it is!

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Red Remoulade Sauce
313 calories
Red Remoulade Sauce Submitted by: Linky

I had remoulade sauce on fried catfish at the Bastille Day festivities in Milwaukee, WI recently. It was more delicious than I expected, so I started on a quest to find remoulade recipes. This is from a blog by Big Sis Little Dish that...

Louisiana Jumbo Shrimp
708 calories
Louisiana Jumbo Shrimp Submitted by: bigboyjames

A Louisiana classic and served in many of the restaurants in New Orleans. The shrimp is sautéed in a flavor-packed sauce that will have you totally addicted to this dish! This is served with the shrimp heads and shells left on, which...

Delta Stew
665 calories
Delta Stew Submitted by: dienia b

From Wurlitzer centennial cook book 1956. The old timers smoked so they added more salt and pepper to things, add to your taste

Shrimp Creole From New Orleans
332 calories
Shrimp Creole From New Orleans Submitted by: Gerry

One of my favorite shrimp dishes for well over 25 years, 'Shrimp Creole from New Orleans'.

Cajun Three-Pepper Seasoning
44 calories
Cajun Three-Pepper Seasoning Submitted by: Gerry

A mix of ground black, white and red peppers, the black adds aroma, the white adds the bite and red pepper adds the burn. Used to season meats, fish, vegetables and soups.

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Carne Asada Seasoning
26 calories
Carne Asada Seasoning Submitted by: Gerry

This is one of the spices I never seem to have on hand when making tacos, burritos and many of the delicious recipes from South of the border calling for Carne Asada Seasoning. One of the recipes I made recently had this recipe from...

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Basic Oven Fried Shrimp - With 6 Different Flavors
437 calories
Basic Oven Fried Shrimp - With 6 Different Flavors Submitted by: Kchurchill5 "RIP" Forever in our Kitchen

This is a basic recipe for oven fried shrimp. And, it comes out great - every single time. NOW, by just adding a few ingredients to the egg mix and breading ... this can become - Greek, Italian, Mexican, Cajun/Creole, Tropical, or...

Andouille Sausage & Shrimp
551 calories
Andouille Sausage & Shrimp Submitted by: ellie

We enjoyed this dish but my notes say to go easy on the creole seasoning unless you like a lot of heat/spice. We served it over rice. Recipe source: Bon Appetite (February 2007)

Cajun Chicken & Sausage Rice
913 calories
Cajun Chicken & Sausage Rice Submitted by: BusyMiz

A spicy Cajun rice recipe. If you wanted this to go quicker, use canned chicken broth and cooked leftover chicken and omit the first 3 steps

Spicy & Tangy Cajun Shrimp & Sausage
564 calories
Spicy & Tangy Cajun Shrimp & Sausage Submitted by: Kchurchill5 "RIP" Forever in our Kitchen

Such a quick and easy dish to make. Honestly, this recipe came from Bon Appetit; and, I haven't changed it much, just a little tweaking - but, definitely worth sharing. I serve this over creamy cheesy grits (my choice); or, you...

Plantation Eggs Creole
565 calories
Plantation Eggs Creole Submitted by: dienia b

From Best Food mayo

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WW Cajun Chicken Spinach Wraps 5 Points
529 calories
WW Cajun Chicken Spinach Wraps 5 Points Submitted by: BakinBaby

WW friendly. Similar to the WW site chicken wrap, but with more spice and perfect for leftovers. The cajun spice is very robust, and with the addition of cayenne, this is a real zinger. WW counter figures 5 points, but by using smaller...

Chef Paul Prudhomme's Chicken Diane
797 calories
Chef Paul Prudhomme's Chicken Diane Submitted by: natsgarden123

In honor of the great Creole Chef. This is an easy weeknight recipe that is delicious. The original recipe calls for "Poultry Cajun Magic" and he uses 1Tb. I think this is too much so use a bit less, to taste- Any good chicken...

Rice Waffles Gaufres de Riz
296 calories
Rice Waffles Gaufres de Riz Submitted by: dienia b

made by creole cooks

Shrimp Creole
334 calories
Shrimp Creole Submitted by: ellie

We enjoyed this a lot served over rice. I do think there can be shortcuts to making the broth though, but it was good making the broth from shrimp shells. Recipe source: local newspaper

Shrimp Chippewa
414 calories
Shrimp Chippewa Submitted by: dienia b

From Mrs B Bistro

Brennan's Shrimp Clemenceau
430 calories
Brennan's Shrimp Clemenceau Submitted by: Chocolatll `RIP`Forever in our kitchen

I do not know how authentic this recipe is. Adapted from Woman's Day Encyclopedia of Cookery.