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Cannelloni Con Pollo
305 calories
Cannelloni Con Pollo Submitted by: ImPat

From San Remo pasta company.

Tuna Cannelloni
514 calories
Tuna Cannelloni Submitted by: ImPat

From San Remo pasta company. Post for You Want What!? A Recipe Posting Game 2014/2015.

Beef Mince & Mushroom Cannelloni
1069 calories
Beef Mince & Mushroom Cannelloni Submitted by: ImPat

Saw this on Good Chef Bad Chef. Hoping to make it soon, they used Wagyu beef mince (ground beef) but I would use very lean heart smart beef mince. This can be made ahead, covered and kept in the fridge and bring up to room...

Seafood Cannelloni
633 calories
Seafood Cannelloni Submitted by: ImPat

This recipe originates from Everyday Gourmet hosted by Justine Schofield. I have made modifications due to dietary/intolerance reasons. I am hoping to make it soon.

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Cannelloni Mornay
997 calories
Cannelloni Mornay Submitted by: Puppitypup

Lovely presentation and taste. Even picky eaters who would normally turn their noses up at spinach love it. Perfect make-ahead dish for company, uses cooked chicken. I split the tubes to make it easy to fill - no one can tell. If...

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