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Candy Cane Lane Trail Mix
661 calories
Candy Cane Lane Trail Mix Submitted by: TeresaS

This came in one of my local grocery store flyers. These can be made into gifts by filling a mason jar and tying a cute ribbon around the lid. Time does not include refrigerating.

Froot Loops Sugar Cookies
158 calories
Froot Loops Sugar Cookies Submitted by: JostLori

Soft centers and with a barely-done texture make these cookies irresistible. This fun treat is filled with - guess what? Froot Loops! You can also use other kiddie cereals, like Trix or Fruity Pebbles. From Real Simple. NOTE: Time...

Honey Nut Cheerios Almond Butter Cups
52 calories
Honey Nut Cheerios Almond Butter Cups Submitted by: JostLori

Full of good-for-you ingredients like almond butter and coconut oil, these tasty mini treats aren't nearly as indulgent as some other sweet bites. But they sure don't taste or look like it! Best of all - they're...

Crunchy Almond Marshmallow Squares
165 calories
Crunchy Almond Marshmallow Squares Submitted by: Luvcookn

This is a twist on the usual rice krispie squares. Nutty, chewy, crunchy yumminess!

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Sweet Potato & Tuna Balls
40 calories
Sweet Potato & Tuna Balls Submitted by: Tisme Category: Fish

A very easy appetizer to serve at parties and gatherings. Served with sour cream they are terrific. The yield will depend on the size of the balls you make.

Chocolate Cornflake Cookies
127 calories
Chocolate Cornflake Cookies Submitted by: Tisme

Got this recipe from a magazine a many years ago. This recipe is simple and yet so delicious, and to top it all off they look fantastic when made. Great for the kids and kid's love helping to make them also.

Salted Caramel Rice Krispie Treats
70 calories
Salted Caramel Rice Krispie Treats Submitted by: dienia b

From acozykitchen

Mexican Fried Ice Cream
625 calories
Hash Snack
885 calories
Hash Snack Submitted by: ellie

A way to use up some cereal and the pantry items. Setting time is not listed -- at least a few hours depending.

Sweet & Spicy Nut & Pretzel Mix
78 calories
Sweet & Spicy Nut & Pretzel Mix Submitted by: breezermom

Perfect snack for holidays or for watching ball games!

Chex Mix Two
240 calories
Chex Mix Two Submitted by: Chef shapeweaver

Before creating this recipe, I looked all of the internet and couldn't find the " ORIGINAL " from the 50's and 60's. So I left out somethings and added what my SO and I enjoyed. If you try this,please feel free to leave...

Funeral Potatoes
655 calories
Funeral Potatoes Submitted by: celticevergreen

From the heart of Mormon Country in Utah comes this amazing dish. Served alot as part of dinner for grieving families as well as potluck dinners during the wintertime, this recipe is delicious and well worth the few minutes it takes to...

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Spicy Apple All Bran Muffins
134 calories
Barbecued Hamburger Krispies
236 calories
Barbecued Hamburger Krispies Submitted by: dienia b

made with rice krispies not really bbq more like meatloaf

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Hot Chocolate Rice Krispies Squares
353 calories
Hot Chocolate Rice Krispies Squares Submitted by: LLKenzie

I found this on the net about 4 years ago, just made it again recently, I'm posting it here so everyone else can enjoy it as much as I do, I sometimes mix in a few tbsp. of chunky peanut butter. You'll need a bag and a half...

Coconut Krispie Cookies (Slice and Bake)
99 calories
Coconut Krispie Cookies (Slice and Bake) Submitted by: BakinBaby

This is a very Crisp cookie, the brown sugar and coconut mixed with the oatmeal makes it a light and flavorful cookie. The dough rolls can be frozen for up to 2 months if stored in a ziplock freezer bag. Great for unexpected guests, as...

Honey Joys
60 calories
Honey Joys Submitted by: Tisme

A real kid pleaser. You will find these lil beauties served at nearly every kid's birthday party here in Australia.

Vivian Vance's Chicken Kiev
355 calories
Vivian Vance's Chicken Kiev Submitted by: dienia b

Must freeze 1 hour to get chilled and deep fry, can make these ahead for later wrapped individually

Tex Mex Chex
168 calories
Tex Mex Chex Submitted by: Mikekey

For the hot sauce they suggest Yucatan Sunshine, which is a habenero sauce. Use your favorite. Yields 8 cups

Cornflake Drop Cookies (GF)
256 calories
Chocolate Crispy Biscuits/Cookies
178 calories
Chocolate Crispy Biscuits/Cookies Submitted by: ImPat

On the back of a packet of Kellogg's Rice Bubbles. Post for You Want What?! A Recipe Posting Game 2014/2015.