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Asparagus With Tzatziki Dip
13 calories
Asparagus With Tzatziki Dip Submitted by: ImPat

From the Australian Better Homes and Garden Diabetic Living September/October '16.

Pumpkin Rice Pudding
394 calories
Pumpkin Rice Pudding Submitted by: twissis

Found this recipe in an email sent to me by @ realsimpledotcom & admit we see rice pudding as comfort food to-the-max. So it should come as no surprise that we see this recipe as exceptional comfort food to-the-max. Enough said. ENJOY!

Pumpkin Cream Puffs
153 calories
Pumpkin Cream Puffs Submitted by: twissis

The easy way to do this is to let realsimpledotcom speak for itself -- "These cream puffs are sure to stop traffic on the way to the pies on Thanksgiving. Classic choux pastries get filled w/a brown sugar & pumpkin pastry cream for a...

Homemade Salted Caramel Eggnog (Spiked or Not)
421 calories
Homemade Salted Caramel Eggnog (Spiked or Not) Submitted by: twissis

Becky Hardin @ thecookierookiedotcom site is among my favorite bloggers & says she "loves to create delicious & EASY recipes anyone can make & everyone will love!" For me at least, she has lived up to her goal. I love all eggnog...

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Red Wine Hot Cocoa
124 calories
Red Wine Hot Cocoa Submitted by: twissis

Found @ ovensdotrevieweddotcom, credited to Kori Perten there & entered here because red wine is so popular in Iceland & this seems like such a great after-dinner option on a cold Icelandic winter night. The origin site agreed & said:...

Beach Bar Special Salad
708 calories
Beach Bar Special Salad Submitted by: twissis

Found @ bbcgoodfooddotcom, this easy-fix & flavorful salad is typical of the casual beach bar cuisine. The beaches in the Bahamas attract vacationers from around the world & every 1 of them has dozens of beach bars & restaurants that...

Coconut & Shrimp Chowder
459 calories
Coconut & Shrimp Chowder Submitted by: twissis

Originally found @ realsimpledotcom, this hearty chowder w/island flavors becomes a satisfying meal when eaten w/the Filipino pandesal bread rolls to sop up all the goodness & then followed by a finale of fresh island fruits for...

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Kotosoupa Avgolemono - The Greeks Do Chicken Soup With Lemon
255 calories
Kotosoupa Avgolemono - The Greeks Do Chicken Soup With Lemon Submitted by: twissis

Found @ realsimpledotcom & they were brief when they shared this Greek classic recipe .. "A zesty Greek take on egg drop soup" & "This is the traditional recipe made in Greek kitchens. Serve w/bread so bits of it can be dipped into the...

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Matzo Ball Soup By The Carnegie Deli
1204 calories
Matzo Ball Soup By The Carnegie Deli Submitted by: twissis

In my carefree young adult yrs (many decades ago), an older Jewish couple named Hazel & Meyer Greenberg took a shine to me & started inviting me to their weekly family dinners on Thurs nites. The meals were the highlight of my wk &...

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Smoked Salmon & Avocado Sushi
131 calories
Smoked Salmon & Avocado Sushi Submitted by: twissis Category: Fish

My sister got me turned me on to sushi while 6 of us were on a family cruise together many yrs ago. I like it, but admit I've never made it. Since Culinary Quest #3 was "visiting" Japan again this yr, I decided I should have a...

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Easy & Perfect Sushi Rice
113 calories
Easy & Perfect Sushi Rice Submitted by: twissis

Found @ allrecipesdotcom & credited to LucyDelRey, I needed "Perfect Sushi Rice" for both of the 2 recipes that will follow this one. All 3 recipes are being entered For Culinary Quest #3 which will visit the cuisine of Japan. I hope...

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Potato & Blue Cheese Salad
231 calories
Potato & Blue Cheese Salad Submitted by: twissis

Found @ realsimpledotcom & originally titled "Steak With Potato & Blue Cheese Salad. I admit that the salad portion of the recipe is what attracted me to it, but when I read "Season w/salt & pepper & cook steaks to desired doneness"...

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265 calories
Bagels Submitted by: Lynn (diner524)

This is a recipe from the epicuriousdotcom site, BY PETER REINHART, which is from his "PETER REINHART’S ARTISAN BREADS EVERY DAY" book. The time doesn't include the rising/chilling time. This recipe takes 2 days to make, but 1st...

Impossibly Easy Veggie Pie
302 calories
Impossibly Easy Veggie Pie Submitted by: twissis

A few dys ago, an on-line cooking friend reminded me w/1 of her recipes how much Bisquick has become the "Cooking Hero" of the home-style cook over the yrs. Fresh peaches & Bisquick were the stars of her "impossible" recipe. Then this...

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Baked Polenta With Mushrooms & Gorgonzola (Vegetarian)
190 calories
Baked Polenta With Mushrooms & Gorgonzola (Vegetarian) Submitted by: twissis

I've lived my life as a happy carnivore & will keep it that way, but I do have family & friends of the vegetarian persuasion that I must occ take care to please. Just recently, realsimpledotcom published a recipe series that put a...

Open-Face Shrimp & Hummus Sandwiches
172 calories
Open-Face Shrimp & Hummus Sandwiches Submitted by: twissis

Realsimpledotcom is fast becoming 1 of my favorite recipe sources ... Mainly because they use ingredients I esp favor, use them in creative ways & keep the recipes easy & SIMPLE. Here's a classic example to prove my point -- A...

Squid Ink Seafood Ravioli
1240 calories
Squid Ink Seafood Ravioli Submitted by: MsPia

I always wanted to make squid ink pasta. Looks so pretty. It was fun creating this ravioli. The recipe is for 2 people but you will have left over pasta. You can easily double the filling and the sauce and make it for 4 or make...

Comfort Food Mac & Cheese Breakfast Casserole
724 calories
Comfort Food Mac & Cheese Breakfast Casserole Submitted by: twissis

This is the 1st of 3 recipes I'm entering from my most recent grandparentsdotcom Newsletter & it was described as "A special occasion casserole that will make you everyone's favorite person". From the site's COMFORT...

Spinach-Ricotta Wonton Tortellini
107 calories
Spinach-Ricotta Wonton Tortellini Submitted by: Kittencal

Originally published in the April issue of Walmart Live Better magazine, tweaked slightly

Potato Dumplings
42 calories
Potato Dumplings Submitted by: KitchenMagician

Light fluffy and delicious! Makes 16-18 dumplings

A California-Inspired Avocado Hummus Hybrid (By Chef Jeff Cerciello)
467 calories
A California-Inspired Avocado Hummus Hybrid (By Chef Jeff... Submitted by: twissis

My fondness for particular ingredients seems to run in spurts. Right now I'm into recipes using oats, corn flakes & AVOCADO. I was in the middle of a full-on avocado spurt when I stumbled over a series of recipes using it. This is...