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Tuna Patties (Cakes)
351 calories
Tuna Patties (Cakes) Submitted by: Tisme

My hubby and I make these every so often for a quick meal. We love these served with coleslaw or salad. How many patties you get depends on the size you make them. NOTE: I actually spay my patties with a canola oil and bake in the...

Chocolate Ripple Cake
147 calories
Chocolate Ripple Cake Submitted by: Tisme

Italy has its Tiramisu, and Australia have Choc Ripple Cake. This is the same recipe I use ~ copied from Taste. When I was a child you would see this at every gathering, each person had their own version on topping the cake such as...

Aussie Lamb, Apple & Blue Cheese Burger
602 calories
Aussie Lamb, Apple & Blue Cheese Burger Submitted by: ImPat

From one of our national supermarket free monthly magazine March '17.

Cranberry & Apple Cakes
536 calories
Cranberry & Apple Cakes Submitted by: Tisme

I found this recipe in the "Weekly Times" a farming paper which I buy here in Victoria Australia. I love the recipe section which is written by "Jeremy Vincent" each week. I kept this recipe to try very soon, but just not gotten around...

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Curried Beef & Vegetable Sausage Rolls
543 calories
Curried Beef & Vegetable Sausage Rolls Submitted by: ImPat

From Super Food Ideas March '17. The recipe makes 12 sausage rolls and is considered 4 serves.

Mashed Brussels Sprout
109 calories
Mashed Brussels Sprout Submitted by: Tisme

I really do love my sprouts! I have tried all sorts of cooking ways with them and love each and every way. Lately I have gone back to the way I was served them as a kid, with a small difference to the way my mother cooked them. This...

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Scallops In Sour Cream With Mushrooms
278 calories
Scallops In Sour Cream With Mushrooms Submitted by: Tisme

I very rarely post a recipe that I have not made. But I am posting this for "You want a recipe - Game". I have a very old family cookbook that I have dug out from the depths of the cupboard and am posting this for a request in the...

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Balsamic BBQ Lamb
528 calories
Balsamic BBQ Lamb Submitted by: ImPat

From one of our national supermarkets monthly magazines Jan/Feb' '17.

Cheese & Honey Roasted Pumpkin
490 calories
Cheese & Honey Roasted Pumpkin Submitted by: ImPat

From B. H. & G. Australian Diabetic Living Nov./Dec. '16. Please note that this is a main dish and not a side dish.

Berry Parfait Stacks
157 calories
Berry Parfait Stacks Submitted by: ImPat

From Australian B.H. & G. Diabetic Living Nov./Dec.'16. Note thawing and chilling times are not included so allow 1 hour to thaw and 2 hours to chill.

Spicy Plum Chutney
219 calories
Spicy Plum Chutney Submitted by: Tisme

A spicy chutney that will improve as it keeps. Any type plum should do for this recipe. Serve on a cheese or meat platter for a delicious condiment. The serving size will depend on the size jars you use. Makes 4 jars

Roast Tomato Relish
232 calories
Roast Tomato Relish Submitted by: Tisme

This relish is a lovely relish to serve with cheese, on sangers, with meat. Whatever takes your fancy. I have cut the sugar down a little in this recipe (from my original recipe) as I found the last batch a little sweet. I have made 2 ...

Pickled Radish
226 calories
Pickled Radish Submitted by: Tisme

I made these for the first time ever this month. It was a worthwhile wait for these little beauties, the taste is fantastic. Everyone loved them, and everyone had a different take on the taste, which made for a great conversation...

Slow Roasted Tomatoes
61 calories
Slow Roasted Tomatoes Submitted by: Tisme

I found this recipe in Delicious Magazine. I use this recipe as a side to many dishes. Tomato's roasted this way have such an intense flavour. When I have home grown tomatoes, I then triple this recipe and either, skin them when...

Corn Fritters
239 calories
Corn Fritters Submitted by: Tisme

A recipe I have had for many years now. My children loved these when they were younger. Served with breakfast or as a side these are so yummy. These are wonderful served with sliced avocado and a drop of sour cream. The original recipe...

Bloody Mary Prawn Salad
580 calories
Bloody Mary Prawn Salad Submitted by: ImPat

From one of our national supermarkets monthly magazine Dec.'16.

Chilled Passionfruit Cheesecake
295 calories
Chilled Passionfruit Cheesecake Submitted by: Tisme

This is a no cook cheesecake that has never failed me. I found it in a Taste magazine and used it a few times when needing to use up passionfruit. I think tinned passion fruit would work well also. I also add 1/4 teaspoon lemon zest to...

Quinoa, Pistachio & Honeyed Carrot Salad
450 calories
Quinoa, Pistachio & Honeyed Carrot Salad Submitted by: Tisme

I have not made this myself but I do know someone who swears by this recipe. I am hoping to make this quite soon, as I prefer to try any recipe I post. From

Zucchini (Courgette) Griddle Cakes
58 calories
Zucchini (Courgette) Griddle Cakes Submitted by: Tisme

I found this on a Kenwood website, and just had to try these. I am not going to say the usual thing you see on Zucchini recipes ~ that is "Even Zucchini haters will enjoy this", because I have a 2 zucchini hater's in the family, ...

Roasted Tomato & Baked Eggs
221 calories
Roasted Tomato & Baked Eggs Submitted by: Tisme

On a rather unusual cold Summer's Sunday morning, I was wanting something warm and comforting. With a glut of fresh tomato's I needed a recipe that would include them. I found this on the good food site, but I did change it a...

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Balsamic Chicken With Garlic Couscous
401 calories
Balsamic Chicken With Garlic Couscous Submitted by: MsPia

In 30 minutes you have a full meal on the table. Adapted from the cookbook "Flavors" by Donna Hay

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