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Coffee Makes My Day
11 recipes
Coffee Makes My Day Submitted by: twissis

>Without my coffee, I'm cranky as hell!

38 recipes
irish Submitted by: dienia b

>for the culinary quest ,i need to narrow down to 15 lol

14 recipes
mulberry Submitted by: dienia b

>as i find mulberry recipes i will be adding them here

dick clark american bandstand
11 recipes
dick clark american bandstand Submitted by: dienia b

>i ate at his place in kc , i really enjoyed it and did not want his recipes to die with him . cause he made my teenage years nice for an hour , miss you dick

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458 recipes
Yum! Submitted by: Sheryl

>Yummy recipes to make.

Try These Recipes Now!
96 recipes
Try These Recipes Now! Submitted by: MelMel

>Recipes I want to make.

Recipezazz 2013 Summer Vacation
67 recipes
Recipezazz 2013 Summer Vacation Submitted by: Sue Lau

>These are all the recipes that were posted, tried and reviewed duing the Summer Vacation event in the Games forum. Weeks 1-4

Let's Try Em!
1223 recipes
Let's Try Em! Submitted by: FunTimeCooking

>These look yummmyyyyy!

Eat Yourself Skinny! - and Healthy!
73 recipes
Eat Yourself Skinny! - and Healthy! Submitted by: Kittencal

>A collection of low fat/fat-free and Vegan recipes I have tryed or am going to try very soon

Cruise Around the Caribbean
15 recipes
Cruise Around the Caribbean Submitted by: Sue Lau

>Caribbean and tropical themed recipes, featuring Cubano, Jamaican, Dominican, Barbados, Bahamas, Florida Keys and Key West, Puerto Rican and other recipes and boat drinks.

Tempting Sweets
257 recipes
Tempting Sweets Submitted by: Christina

>My fiance and I love sweets, and I have to practice making some before we get married to put in my Favorites Cook Book. I want to try these!

49 recipes
Drinks Submitted by: grannyto6

>For the thirsty!!

Not Yet Tried
9 recipes
Not Yet Tried Submitted by: Sueski

>Sometimes recipes sound good, but we havent had a chance to test them out, so I place them here until we test and give the family seal of approval.

Breakfast and Brunch
131 recipes
Breakfast and Brunch Submitted by: LindasBusyKitchen

>All my favorite Breakfast and Brunch recipes and those I want to try!

Zazz Recipes
22 recipes
Zazz Recipes Submitted by: AcadiaTwo

>How exciting!

Christmas and Thanksgiving
225 recipes
Christmas and Thanksgiving Submitted by: Kittencal

>Bring it on Santa!!!!