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70 recipes
Recipes Submitted by: Kitchen Magic

>They sound too good!

Unreviewed Recipes
518 recipes
Unreviewed Recipes Submitted by: QueenBea

>A compilation of my recipes that have not been reviewed.

19 recipes
sweets Submitted by: nanny129

>sweets???- but of course!!

82 recipes
crissy Submitted by: dienia b

>for you and fernie

Exclusive Recipes
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Good Eats
225 recipes
Good Eats Submitted by: Lets Eat

>Recipes I would like to try.

My Recipes - Original or Tweaked
187 recipes
My Recipes - Original or Tweaked Submitted by: Felix4067

>These are all recipes that are either made up entirely by me, or that I have tweaked from recipes I found elsewhere to make them my own. Whenever possible, I give credit to the original source, and I have to make some pretty major...

458 recipes
Yum! Submitted by: Sheryl

>Yummy recipes to make.

136 recipes
Favorites Submitted by: Kittencal

>all my favorites in here!

Summer Entertaining
51 recipes
Summer Entertaining Submitted by: Felix4067

>A collection of recipes well-suited to a picnic or backyard barbecue.

Let's Try Em!
1223 recipes
Let's Try Em! Submitted by: FunTimeCooking

>These look yummmyyyyy!

359 recipes
Yum! Submitted by: Tannie

>I am putting these here because they peaked my interest and I may make them.

These Look Good To Us!
93 recipes
These Look Good To Us! Submitted by: CookingFool

>If it looks good to us we may try it. These look great!

Recipes I want to try.
48 recipes
Recipes I want to try. Submitted by: mandasjam

>These are recipes of other cooks that I plan to try;-)

72 recipes
Apples Submitted by: MyCookiesCrumble


Recipe Book
224 recipes
Recipe Book Submitted by: Valerie

>Recipes I like

Jelly's Favorites
37 recipes
Jelly's Favorites Submitted by: HotPepperRosemary

>I am on a hunt for some great recipes that truly hit the spot. So here I am raiding and adding for my own pleasure!!! If you have the same tastes...enjoy!

Supper Recipes
8 recipes
Supper Recipes Submitted by: cookiejean

>I'm saving these to try at a later date.

Menu Making ~ Desserts
86 recipes
Menu Making ~ Desserts Submitted by: Crazed_Chef

>We love our sweets!

151 recipes
Dessert Submitted by: DebbieLovesDesserts

>We love desserts

3 recipes
PIES AND TARTS Submitted by: Naturalbohemian

>All things Pie like and Tart like

8 recipes
APPLE EVERYTHING Submitted by: Naturalbohemian

>All things apple