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1st Time Around #2
140 recipes
1st Time Around #2 Submitted by: twissis

>A newly-revised cookbook of my un-reviewed recipes at the conclusion of Culinary Quest #3.

I need a REVIEW
206 recipes
I need a REVIEW Submitted by: JostLori

>Made for First Time Around Tag Game on FF&F

Southern Born, Southern Bred
5 recipes
Southern Born, Southern Bred Submitted by: Kitchen Magic

>Traditional Southern meals.

43 recipes
chinese Submitted by: dienia b

>my chinese and chinese like recipes

Exclusive Recipes
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53 recipes
ELVIS PRESLEY Submitted by: dienia b

>ok im not the elvis fan,even though his gospel rocks , it was my sister chris that loved the boy , when she won a tape from a radio contest she picked his , and we watched all his movies and i think that he just had a hard time of it,...

68 recipes
rice Submitted by: dienia b

>all my rice dishes brown white and wild

43 recipes
Favorites Submitted by: Maito

>These are super favorites, rating higher than 5 stars!

24 recipes
beet Submitted by: dienia b

>my beet recipes canned russian greek american ,

Favorite Sides
7 recipes
Favorite Sides Submitted by: dianegrapegrower

>veggies, side dishes, and breads we've enjoyed

20 recipes
eggplant Submitted by: dienia b

>this has different ways to cook eggplant

south america
14 recipes
south america Submitted by: dienia b

>for the south american leg of quest

trouble in little  chinatown
15 recipes
trouble in little chinatown Submitted by: dienia b

>for chinese tag

Favorite Asian Foods
7 recipes
Favorite Asian Foods Submitted by: dianegrapegrower

>Asian foods we've enjoyed and will make again

20 recipes
Sides Submitted by: MsPia

>Only sides that I have tried and love.

Heirloom/Family Recipes
14 recipes
Heirloom/Family Recipes Submitted by: Felix4067

>These are all recipes that have been passed down from one generation to another, either in my family or a friend's family. They most likely have morphed over time, but they are time-honoured, tried-and-true, family traditions.

My Recipes - Original or Tweaked
187 recipes
My Recipes - Original or Tweaked Submitted by: Felix4067

>These are all recipes that are either made up entirely by me, or that I have tweaked from recipes I found elsewhere to make them my own. Whenever possible, I give credit to the original source, and I have to make some pretty major...

I've got to give these a try
345 recipes
I've got to give these a try Submitted by: DixieDoddle

>These just have to be tried!

Try These Recipes Now!
96 recipes
Try These Recipes Now! Submitted by: MelMel

>Recipes I want to make.

Diabetic Recipes
65 recipes
Diabetic Recipes Submitted by: Sue Lau

>Diabetic recipes.

Stuff You Can Make At Home Cheaper!
65 recipes
Stuff You Can Make At Home Cheaper! Submitted by: NewbieCook

>Making Your Own Helps The Budget!

How To Do This And That - For The Newbie Cook!
73 recipes