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17 recipes
Pink Submitted by: Linky

>These a foods that look kind of pinkish to commemorate Breast Cancer Awareness

Think Pink Event
34 recipes
Think Pink Event Submitted by: twissis

>My cookbook of recipes for the October Think Pink event. I really tried to be conservative w/this list, but once I realized how many recipes would be on my list ... I switched to the Cookbook method. I suppose that's what happens...

Bacon Recipes
6 recipes
Bacon Recipes Submitted by: twissis

>Recipes containing or featuring bacon.

Choose Me!
23 recipes
Choose Me! Submitted by: ahmafor3

>Unreviewed recipes that will be yummy for your tummy!

Exclusive Recipes
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Salmon - Smoked, etc - Another Personal Fave
9 recipes
Salmon - Smoked, etc - Another Personal Fave Submitted by: twissis

>I live in Iceland where salmon abounds & I love it - Need I say more?

Take a Chance on Me!
167 recipes
Take a Chance on Me! Submitted by: breezermom

>A collection of my unreviewed recipes!!

Avocado Collection
20 recipes
Avocado Collection Submitted by: twissis

>I think everyone should have their personal "Avocado Collection".

vegan for melissa
103 recipes
vegan for melissa Submitted by: dienia b

>Melissa if these have things you cant use just sub i will check later to make sure they are compliant to your diet sub veggie stock for chicken bouillon cubes , there are a coupla rice recipes that have this but the rest of the recipe...

Best of 2016
10 recipes
Best of 2016 Submitted by: Maito

>Best recipes we made in 2016 from 3 websites, out of 130 recipes; note: 3 more saved at food. com and 2 from just a...

My Recipes
13 recipes
My Recipes Submitted by: BakinBaby

>A Collection of my family favorites all tried and loved by my friends and family.

68 recipes
rice Submitted by: dienia b

>all my rice dishes brown white and wild

Recipe and Photo Roundup Event (Feb 2015)
119 recipes
Recipe and Photo Roundup Event (Feb 2015) Submitted by: QueenBea

>A compilation of all the recipes submitted for this event

Best of 2015
12 recipes
Best of 2015 Submitted by: Maito

>The best things we have made this year (note: one more is saved on food. com). Total number of recipes made this year: 243 from 3 web sites

erppd cookbook
249 recipes
erppd cookbook Submitted by: dienia b

>for the electric companies cookbook charolotte williams , darlene kossman sally ggrosserode libby wostrel

libbie smutney wostrel czech cookbook
151 recipes
libbie smutney wostrel czech cookbook Submitted by: dienia b

>libbie irene smutney wosrel born sept 30 1914 died dec 22 2014 these are her recipes she liked to cook and can and this book is so her kids can find her recipes

game day
25 recipes
game day Submitted by: dienia b

>cheese balls and dips

82 recipes
crissy Submitted by: dienia b

>for you and fernie

Gluten Free
25 recipes
Gluten Free Submitted by: MyCookiesCrumble

>Gluten Free

17 recipes
Italian Submitted by: Derf "RIP" Forever in our Kitchen

>Please note all my pasta recipes are in a "Pasta" recipebook

Italian Recipes
27 recipes
Italian Recipes Submitted by: Sue Lau

>Italian recipes collected for RZ 2013 Summer Vacation

Recipezazz 2013 Summer Vacation
67 recipes
Recipezazz 2013 Summer Vacation Submitted by: Sue Lau

>These are all the recipes that were posted, tried and reviewed duing the Summer Vacation event in the Games forum. Weeks 1-4