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Choose Me!
23 recipes
Choose Me! Submitted by: ahmafor3

>Unreviewed recipes that will be yummy for your tummy!

Copycat Recipes
12 recipes
Copycat Recipes Submitted by: twissis

>To help me overcome all the missing convenience food "essentials" here in Iceland

Avocado Collection
20 recipes
Avocado Collection Submitted by: twissis

>I think everyone should have their personal "Avocado Collection".

27 recipes
rhubarb Submitted by: dienia b


Exclusive Recipes
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53 recipes
ELVIS PRESLEY Submitted by: dienia b

>ok im not the elvis fan,even though his gospel rocks , it was my sister chris that loved the boy , when she won a tape from a radio contest she picked his , and we watched all his movies and i think that he just had a hard time of it,...

My Recipes
13 recipes
My Recipes Submitted by: BakinBaby

>A Collection of my family favorites all tried and loved by my friends and family.

5 recipes
Halloween Submitted by: SueC


19 recipes
sweets Submitted by: nanny129

>sweets???- but of course!!

texas cowboy chow
28 recipes
texas cowboy chow Submitted by: dienia b

>for the world tour

14 recipes
mulberry Submitted by: dienia b

>as i find mulberry recipes i will be adding them here

erppd cookbook
249 recipes
erppd cookbook Submitted by: dienia b

>for the electric companies cookbook charolotte williams , darlene kossman sally ggrosserode libby wostrel

24 recipes
beet Submitted by: dienia b

>my beet recipes canned russian greek american ,

Holidays & Special Occasions
6 recipes
Holidays & Special Occasions Submitted by: twissis

>Collecting Recipes for Holiday & Special Occasions

libbie smutney wostrel czech cookbook
151 recipes
libbie smutney wostrel czech cookbook Submitted by: dienia b

>libbie irene smutney wosrel born sept 30 1914 died dec 22 2014 these are her recipes she liked to cook and can and this book is so her kids can find her recipes

to russia with love
27 recipes
to russia with love Submitted by: dienia b

>for russian tag game

make it yourself
16 recipes
make it yourself Submitted by: nanny129

>anything you make yourself will be better for you and having fun too!!

Best of 2013
10 recipes
Best of 2013 Submitted by: Sue Lau

>Top ten Zazz recipes I reviewed during 2013. I have to tell you that picking these out was rough because there were so many good ones! I can't recall a single recipe from last year I regret having made. Thanks to everyone for a...

Make Your Own
41 recipes
Make Your Own Submitted by: MyCookiesCrumble

>Making the basics from scratch

Italian Recipes
27 recipes
Italian Recipes Submitted by: Sue Lau

>Italian recipes collected for RZ 2013 Summer Vacation

To Be Tried As The Need Arises!
19 recipes
To Be Tried As The Need Arises! Submitted by: NewbieCook

>I Will Make These At Some Point!

Mexican Inspired Recipes
20 recipes
Mexican Inspired Recipes Submitted by: Chef shapeweaver

>In no size,shape,or form are these true Mexican recipes.But hey,they do have "Mexican" in the title. ;) " Keep Smiling :)