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17 recipes
VEGETABLES AND SIDE DISHES Submitted by: JoanWagnerTeller

>A category for vegetables and other recipes that wouldn't be eaten as a main meal.

Avocado Collection
20 recipes
Avocado Collection Submitted by: twissis

>I think everyone should have their personal "Avocado Collection".

pork chop
32 recipes
pork chop Submitted by: dienia b

>pork chop recipes and casseroles i have over 20 of them and am still adding to the book

Sweets:  Cookies
1 recipe
Sweets: Cookies Submitted by: Duck-Duck

>Yup, cookies.

Exclusive Recipes
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Basic Recipes
8 recipes
Basic Recipes Submitted by: Kitchen Magic

>Great recipes for anyone who is new to cooking.

Southern Born, Southern Bred
6 recipes
Southern Born, Southern Bred Submitted by: Kitchen Magic

>Traditional Southern meals.

35 recipes
salmon/tuna Submitted by: dienia b

>my salmon and /or tuna recipes

Band Camp, Camping, Beach, Etc
7 recipes
21 recipes
venison Submitted by: dienia b

>venison recipes

69 recipes
bread Submitted by: dienia b

>bread rolls quick breads

chicken salad
11 recipes
chicken salad Submitted by: dienia b

>chicken salad

My Recipes
13 recipes
My Recipes Submitted by: BakinBaby

>A Collection of my family favorites all tried and loved by my friends and family.

What's For Dinner??
13 recipes
What's For Dinner?? Submitted by: nanny129

>full meal deal here--

2 recipes
Breakfast Submitted by: SueC


2 recipes
Candy Submitted by: SueC


1 recipe
Desserts Submitted by: SueC


1 recipe
Soups Submitted by: SueC


muffins/baby loaf
6 recipes
muffins/baby loaf Submitted by: nanny129

>mini's are great as gifts and the lunchbox!

New Recipes For March 2015
2 recipes
New Recipes For March 2015 Submitted by: Chef shapeweaver

>I hope you and your family find some " New " old family favorites in this 3rd. installment of recipes that my SO or myself have enjoyed. " Keep Smiling :)

Breakfast Foods
10 recipes
Breakfast Foods Submitted by: lazyme

>Here are my breakfast recipes.

salmon /tuna
27 recipes
salmon /tuna Submitted by: dienia b

>my tuna and salmon recipes canned fresh smoked salads sandwiches casseroles main dish