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Think Pink Event
34 recipes
Think Pink Event Submitted by: twissis

>My cookbook of recipes for the October Think Pink event. I really tried to be conservative w/this list, but once I realized how many recipes would be on my list ... I switched to the Cookbook method. I suppose that's what happens...

Theme - Halloween
65 recipes
Theme - Halloween Submitted by: Fizzybrat

>A collection of Halloween recipes. Everything from snacks and treats, to party beverages. For kids and adults alike

Best of 2017
6 recipes
Best of 2017 Submitted by: Maito

>In addition, 3 on justapinch: . . . ...

Coffee Makes My Day
11 recipes
Coffee Makes My Day Submitted by: twissis

>Without my coffee, I'm cranky as hell!

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Salmon - Smoked, etc - Another Personal Fave
9 recipes
Salmon - Smoked, etc - Another Personal Fave Submitted by: twissis

>I live in Iceland where salmon abounds & I love it - Need I say more?

Italian Recipes
3 recipes
Italian Recipes Submitted by: Kitchen Magic

>Traditional Italian meals

Canned Tuna & Salmon
9 recipes
Canned Tuna & Salmon Submitted by: Duck-Duck

>Uhhh, tuna & salmon recipes. Hmph.

chicken salad
11 recipes
chicken salad Submitted by: dienia b

>chicken salad

3 recipes
mexican----tex-mex Submitted by: nanny129

>always a hit!

2 recipes
Breakfast Submitted by: SueC


1 recipe
Desserts Submitted by: SueC


Slow Cooker
1 recipe
Slow Cooker Submitted by: SueC


1 recipe
Soups Submitted by: SueC


cris drinks
35 recipes
cris drinks Submitted by: dienia b

>for cris party all but one have no booze , that one that does just sub white grape juice

15 recipes
japanese Submitted by: dienia b

>for world quest

Best of 2015
12 recipes
Best of 2015 Submitted by: Maito

>The best things we have made this year (note: one more is saved on food. com). Total number of recipes made this year: 243 from 3 web sites

16 recipes
Smoothies Submitted by: JostLori

>For Beverage Tag Games

New Recipes For March 2015
2 recipes
New Recipes For March 2015 Submitted by: Chef shapeweaver

>I hope you and your family find some " New " old family favorites in this 3rd. installment of recipes that my SO or myself have enjoyed. " Keep Smiling :)

Jaberwoke's Favorites
1 recipe
Jaberwoke's Favorites Submitted by: Jaberwoke

>As many of my favorites as I can assemble!

4 recipes
Soups Submitted by: Shadows1

>Soups of interest.

Holidays & Special Occasions
6 recipes
Holidays & Special Occasions Submitted by: twissis

>Collecting Recipes for Holiday & Special Occasions