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Best of 2017
6 recipes
Best of 2017 Submitted by: Maito

>In addition, 3 on justapinch: . . . ...

Bacon Recipes
6 recipes
Bacon Recipes Submitted by: twissis

>Recipes containing or featuring bacon.

Crock-Pot / Slow-Cooker Specials
11 recipes
Crock-Pot / Slow-Cooker Specials Submitted by: twissis

>A cook's best friend - Her crock-pot / slow-cooker

Rhubarb & Other Fruit Faves
18 recipes
Rhubarb & Other Fruit Faves Submitted by: twissis

>The Recipe Book Title says it all ...

Exclusive Recipes
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Flavored Butter Recipes
9 recipes
Flavored Butter Recipes Submitted by: twissis

>Its all about the butter & the favored flavors ...

Salmon - Smoked, etc - Another Personal Fave
9 recipes
Salmon - Smoked, etc - Another Personal Fave Submitted by: twissis

>I live in Iceland where salmon abounds & I love it - Need I say more?

42 recipes
jessica Submitted by: dienia b


27 recipes
rhubarb Submitted by: dienia b


70 recipes
Recipes Submitted by: Kitchen Magic

>They sound too good!

cakemix recipes
12 recipes
cakemix recipes Submitted by: nanny129

>start with cakemix as a base--

muffins/baby loaf
6 recipes
muffins/baby loaf Submitted by: nanny129

>mini's are great as gifts and the lunchbox!

20 recipes
Irish Submitted by: JostLori

>For Food Games

New Recipes For March 2015
2 recipes
New Recipes For March 2015 Submitted by: Chef shapeweaver

>I hope you and your family find some " New " old family favorites in this 3rd. installment of recipes that my SO or myself have enjoyed. " Keep Smiling :)

Favorite Sides
7 recipes
Favorite Sides Submitted by: dianegrapegrower

>veggies, side dishes, and breads we've enjoyed

31 recipes
sandwich Submitted by: dienia b

>my sandwich and burgers

green beans
26 recipes
green beans Submitted by: dienia b

>green beans

cookies bars
75 recipes
cookies bars Submitted by: dienia b

>adding all my cookie and bar recipes so far 51 posting more .....

spaghetti squash
9 recipes
spaghetti squash Submitted by: dienia b

>squash recipes

Newest Recipes
33 recipes
Newest Recipes Submitted by: Lorac

>These are the newest recipes I have found and would like to make

game day
25 recipes
game day Submitted by: dienia b

>cheese balls and dips

20 recipes
eggplant Submitted by: dienia b

>this has different ways to cook eggplant