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Bacon Recipes
6 recipes
Bacon Recipes Submitted by: twissis

>Recipes containing or featuring bacon.

Hoops Taco Salad
0 recipes
Hoops Taco Salad Submitted by: Wrenda

>a colorful dish ,and good for potluck .

Holidays & Spec Occasions - Reviewed w/Photo
15 recipes
Holidays & Spec Occasions - Reviewed w/Photo Submitted by: twissis

>Separating holiday recipes already reviewed w/pics

Holiday Cookies
20 recipes
Holiday Cookies Submitted by: Mikekey

>Recipes to fill the Christmas Cookie Tray

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1st Time Around #2
145 recipes
1st Time Around #2 Submitted by: twissis

>A newly-revised cookbook of my un-reviewed recipes at the conclusion of Culinary Quest #3.

A Little Taste of Italy
68 recipes
A Little Taste of Italy Submitted by: DallasDiva22

>This is a collection of Italian inspired recipes that I would like to try out. Being a native Texan, we reign supreme over Southern and Tex Mex dishes, so I think a little branching out into other cuisines is just the challenge needed!

Choose Me!
23 recipes
Choose Me! Submitted by: ahmafor3

>Unreviewed recipes that will be yummy for your tummy!

Crock-Pot / Slow-Cooker Specials
11 recipes
Crock-Pot / Slow-Cooker Specials Submitted by: twissis

>A cook's best friend - Her crock-pot / slow-cooker

Copycat Recipes
12 recipes
Copycat Recipes Submitted by: twissis

>To help me overcome all the missing convenience food "essentials" here in Iceland

My Unreviewed Recipes
905 recipes
My Unreviewed Recipes Submitted by: ImPat

>Created for First Time tag game at FF&F.

Coffee Makes My Day
11 recipes
Coffee Makes My Day Submitted by: twissis

>Without my coffee, I'm cranky as hell!

Rhubarb & Other Fruit Faves
18 recipes
Rhubarb & Other Fruit Faves Submitted by: twissis

>The Recipe Book Title says it all ...

I need a REVIEW
195 recipes
I need a REVIEW Submitted by: JostLori

>Made for First Time Around Tag Game on FF&F

All Things Corn
9 recipes
All Things Corn Submitted by: twissis

>I just wanted all of my corn recipes in 1 place ...

Flavored Butter Recipes
9 recipes
Flavored Butter Recipes Submitted by: twissis

>Its all about the butter & the favored flavors ...

Salmon - Smoked, etc - Another Personal Fave
9 recipes
Salmon - Smoked, etc - Another Personal Fave Submitted by: twissis

>I live in Iceland where salmon abounds & I love it - Need I say more?

Take a Chance on Me!
128 recipes
Take a Chance on Me! Submitted by: breezermom

>A collection of my unreviewed recipes!!

42 recipes
jessica Submitted by: dienia b


Avocado Collection
20 recipes
Avocado Collection Submitted by: twissis

>I think everyone should have their personal "Avocado Collection".

27 recipes
rhubarb Submitted by: dienia b


Italian Recipes
3 recipes
Italian Recipes Submitted by: Kitchen Magic

>Traditional Italian meals