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Just Like LongHorn's Strawberry Pecan Salad

"This salad is the best salad I have ever eaten. I had it at the Long Horn and have been hooked ever since. It is great served as a salad, or you can add chicken and have it as a meal. PLEASE NOTE: Be sure and dry the fruit well so it doesn't water down the salad. If you want to make your own sugar-glazed pecans melt about 1/2 stick of butter in a small pan, and add about 1/4 cup sugar, and stir to dissolve. Add in nuts, and stir until the sauce thickens. Take off heat and place on waxed paper until glaze hardens on nuts."

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Prep Time: 25m

Cook Time: 0m


Servings: 2  

  • 5.0000

Hands down the best salad I ever put in my mouth! I made my own raspberry dressing and it went very well together. I dream about this salad!.

  US | Metric  Print Ingredients
  • 3 cups mixed green (Spring Mix Salad Mix or Baby Leaf Lettuce with the different varities of lettuce, divided)
  • 4 ounces red onion, thinly sliced (1/2 onion (sliced and separated into rings, divided)
  • 8 fresh (147 grams) strawberries (cut into thin slices, patted dry, divided)
  • 16 large (160 grams) green grapes (cut in half, patted dry, divided)
  • 11 ounces mandarin oranges (1/2 can well drained, and patted dry, divided)
  • 1/2 cup feta cheese, crumbled (divided)
  • 1/2 cup pecan nuts (sugar-glazed pecans, you can make your own or buy them already glazed, Diamond brand makes some that come in a bag, divided)
  • 4 tablespoons salad dressing (Maple Grove Farm Raspberry Vinagrette Salad Dressing or any other that you like, Ken's Steak House has a Lite Raspberry Walnut Vinaigrette Salad Dressing that is very nice also, divided)

What You Will Need

No special items needed.
  How to Make

Step 1

Divide the salad greens onto two large plates.

Step 2

Cut onion into thin slices. Sprinkle salads with red onion rings.

Step 3

Cut strawberries and grapes. Top greens with strawberry slices, grape halves and mandarin oranges, making sure you wipe fruit with a paper towel to remove any extra moisture.

Step 4

Make the glazed nuts if you didn't buy the store-bought bags. Let cool.

Step 5

Sprinkle salads with Feta crumbles and then sprinkle glazed nuts all over salads.

Step 6

Pour salad dressing on top of salads, and serve.

  Nutritional Facts
  • Serving Size: 1 (668.5 g)
  • Calories 557.1
  • Total Fat - 26.9 g
  • Saturated Fat - 6.8 g
  • Cholesterol - 16.4 mg
  • Sodium - 1200 mg
  • Total Carbohydrate - 66.9 g
  • Dietary Fiber - 17.3 g
  • Sugars - 37.2 g
  • Protein - 19.3 g
  • Calcium - 463.2 mg
  • Iron - 3.3 mg
  • Vitamin C - 67.1 mg
  • Thiamin - 0.4 mg
13 reviews

My daughter Megan made this salad a while back and she was telling me how fabulous it was. I was making some steak on the grill and decided to make it, minus the chicken. I added in some craisins for the heck of it and they fit right in. Fabulous is just the right description for this salad Meg. Thanks for suggesting it!


Review by AnnJMe

Ohhh..this is a favorite. All the ingredients match up really well. I used the raspberry vinagrette as suggested and it matched up great. My daughter asked to make this every week. Thank you Linda for sharing! Made it for Pick Me tag game.


Review by ForeverMama

I finally got around to making this Linda and it was delicious! Dennis ate his and half of mine too! It is every bit as good as at the Long Horn and I look forward to having it again soon.


Review by Joni

This is a really fabulous salad. I used Queenbea's Strawberry Vinaigrette for the dressing and it was excellent with this type of salad. It's the best salad I have ever had. I will have this salad often!


Review by StansBetterHalf

My hubby grilled some flank steak and I thought this salad would go nicely with it. It was far above your average salad. Such freshness with all the fruit, and the nuts and cheese along with the salad dressing really blew it out of the water!


Review by MeganMuffins

Hands down the best salad I ever put in my mouth! I made my own raspberry dressing and it went very well together. I dream about this salad!


Review by MyCookiesCrumble

Loved this at Longhorn so much had to make at home. I so need to go to the store so can make again. Best salad ever! It's Like a Dessert :)


Review by jlsnana

I have had this salad at Long Horns and I am so happy to find it posted here. This is the best salad! I could eat one every day it's so good. I made your sugared nuts to have with it. I especially enjoy it with all the fruits so good right now!


Review by JackieStu

This isn't a salad, it's a dessert! Just kidding, but it is fabulous and I can't stop making them. I want them every day! I put shrimp on one day and then chicken on another and steak strips on yet another. OMG it's sooooooo good!


Review by MeganJonMason

This salad has all kinds of flavors going on with each bite. It is one of the best salads I have ever eaten and I loved every single thing in it, including the salad dressing I used which was made with raspberries. This salad couldn't be any better!


Review by KodasTable