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Question about low sodium corned beef

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My choices at the grocery store for corned beef were a regular sodium cut called "Corned Beef Round" and then "Corned Beef Brisket" (but every package they sell says 60% less sodium, regardless of brand). I didn't think round was at all the right cut, so I went with the brisket. I mistakenly bought one a few years ago and didn't notice it was reduced sodium kind, and the result was bland meat that tasted like it had soaked in plain water.

I am worried that my finished corned beef recipe won't have enough salt, but I am also don't want to add too much. It will be soaking in the crockpot all day. Have any of you used this lower sodium corned beef in recipes and if so, how much salt did you need to add to your recipe to adjust for the salt reduction? I don't want it to be bland.

Re: Question about low sodium corned beef

Post by Shanni » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:13 pm

Are you meaning those already pickled ones that are in the sealed plastic? corned beef should be make with beef brisket only not round that just seems not right

Shanni wrote:Are you meaning those already pickled ones that are in the sealed plastic? corned beef should be make with beef brisket only not round that just seems not right

Yep, that is what I thought. So the only full sodium option was not an option, for me anyway. My Publix doesn't even carry the regular sodium version of the corned beef brisket, which I found astonishing. I would have bought mine at another store, but they were $2 more per pound in on grocery and sold out at other, so Publix was it.

I noticed that the cut sold as "London Broil" is now from round steak or something instead of flank steak, which is what it always had been. I don't know if this is an industry wide shift or just a regional thing.

This is the one I bought: ... ium-choic/

this is the "round" one (at the bottom):
They also sold the brisket cut from that brand, but it was also reduced sodium

Looks like the "round" cut is for people who was a more lean cut.

Re: Question about low sodium corned beef

Post by Shanni » Wed Mar 15, 2017 9:44 pm

If it says low-sodium you can always add salt when it's cooked Heatherfeather, I have never seen the low-sodium ones it must be new I would never purchase pickled corned beef in any other cut but beef brisket, if they stopped selling the higher sodium then I guess people are gearing towards the low sodium it should still taste okay though

HeatherFeather I never have see the low-sodium, I would never purchase it in beef round cut it would be dry and tastless so I think you made the right choice using brisket, but if I had a choice I would go with the low sodium as the previous posted mentioned you can always add salt after it's cooked, hope it turns out great for you!

Well I feel a lot better that I chose the brisket cut. I think round would be far too tough, especially cooked in the crockpot.

You made the right choice HeatherFeather by choosing the brisket the corned beef round I'm sure would be tough and dry, corned beef is always made with beef brisket, lots of people are opting for lower sodium options and you can always add more if you like.

I decided to cook my corned beef today instead of tomorrow. I added 1 tsp of sea salt to the crockpot and hopefully that will be the correct amount. I'll test it of course when it has cooked through. I hope it works out. I still haven't had great success with corned beef in the crockpot. I prefer the old way I used to make it (with a spice glaze), but my bf prefers a more traditional boiled dinner.

Re: Question about low sodium corned beef

Post by Shanni » Thu Mar 16, 2017 3:36 pm

I hope it turns out the way you like it HeatherFeather

Re: Question about low sodium corned beef

Post by Puggs » Thu Mar 16, 2017 4:05 pm

For sure beef brisket for the corned beef I can't imagine pickled beef round as corned beef, low sodium is okay you could add in more if need be.


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